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25 May 1985 various artists 2-LP (+ CD) YEN MEMORIAL ALBUM

25 March 1986 remix 12"/CDM Y.M.O. MEGA MIX
    Y.M.O. Megamix 10.52 // Firecracker (Remix) 5.34 / Behind the Mask (Remix) 5.29 / Behind the Mask (Acapella) 0.30 (12": Alfa, ALR-18002)
  1. Y.M.O. Megamix 10.52
  2. Firecracker (Remix) 5.34
  3. Behind the Mask (Remix) 5.29 (CD-maxi: ALCA-20)
Edited & remixed by Hiroshi Fujiwara, Gota Yashiki, Kudo, Akitsugu Doi. "Megamix" features: Rydeen/Absolute Ego Dance/Kimi ni munekyon/Technopolis/Computer Game/La Femme Chinoise/Simoon.

25 Sep 1990 remix-CD YMO IN THE 90s - THE PETE LORIMER REMIX

  1. Firecracker
  2. Behind the Mask
  3. Technopolis
  4. Nice Age/La Femme Chinoise/Rydeen/Castalia/Solid State Survivor
  5. Computer Game
  6. Cosmic Surfin’ (ALCA-81)
21 June 1992 remix-CD HI-TECH/NO CRIME
  1. Camouflage (Mark Gamble micro-mix I)
  2. Firecracker (The Shamen remix)
  3. Multiplies (The Altern 8 remix)
  4. Light in Darkness (The 808 State remix)
  5. Behind the Mask (The Orbital remix)
  6. Loom (Mark Gamble micro-mix II)
  7. Technopolis (The rhythmatic remix)
  8. La femme Chinoise (The LFO remix)
  9. Castalia (Mark Gamble micro-mix III)
  10. Tighten up (The Robert Gordon remix)
  11. Shadows on the Ground (The sweet exorcist remix)
  12. Rydeen (The Graham Massey remix) (ALCA-323)
21 April 1993 remix-CDM YMO versus The Human League
  1. Behind the Mask 4.48 [remixed by Mark Gamble]
  2. Kimi ni munekyun 3.48 [remixed by Mark Gamble]
  3. Kimi ni munekyun (Extended Version) 5.52 [remixed by Mark Gamble]
  4. Firecracker - Tong poo 7.51 [remixed by Mark Gamble] (ALCA-475)
9 June 1993 remix-CDM Technodon Remixes I
  1. Pocketful of Rainbows (heavy rainbow mix)
  2. Be a Superman (human animal mix)
  3. Floating Away (voltage unlimited mix)
  4. Nostalgia (jeux de mixage) (TOCT-8050)
14 July 1993 remix-CDM Technodon Remixes II
  1. Waterford (a23 diversion mix)
  2. Waterford (a303 one lane closed mix)
  3. Hi-Tech Hippies (ground plan for perfection mix)
  4. Hi-Tech (ambience ariel implosion mix)
  5. Nanga def? (hope you choke on your whale meat mix) (TOCT-8070)
21 July 1993 remix-CDM YMO versus The Orb - The Tong Poo Remixes
  1. Tong poo (green herbage mix)
  2. Tong Poo (planet of the crossing mix)
  3. Tong Poo (house of bright colours mix) (ALCA-506)
21 Sep 1993 remix-CD HI-TECH/U.S. CRIME
  1. Camouflage (Mark Gamble micro-mix I)
  2. Light in Darkness (The 808 State remix)
  3. Behind the Mask (The Orbital remix)
  4. Multiplies (The Altern 8 Syncopated remix)
  5. Loom (Mark Gamble micro-mix II)
  6. La Femme Chinoise (The LFO remix)
  7. Tighten up (The Robert Gordon remix)
  8. Firecracker (Zero B mix)
  9. Castalia (Mark Gamble micro-mix III)
  10. Shadows on the Ground (The Sweet Exorcist remix)
  11. Firecracker (Additional production, reconstruction and mix by The Shamen)
  12. Firecracker -Tong poo (remixed by Mark Gamble)
  13. Tong Poo (The Orb remix)
  14. Tong Poo (The other Orb remix II)
  15. Light in Darkness [...spark] (The 808 State ambient reprise) (ALCA-527)

Nov 1999 Japanese DJ remix CD YMO REMIXES TECHNOPOLIS 2000 - 01

Features 12 YMO tracks remixed by Towa Tei, Pizzicato Five's Konishi Yasuharu, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Ken Ishii, Denki Groove's Sunahara Yoshinori and others.

22 Nov 2000 remix CD/2-LP TECHNOPOLIS 2000-00

  1. Opening from the Past - Hideki Matsutake
  2. Technopolis (Denki's Techtropolis-RMX) [remixed by Denki Groove]
  3. La femme Chinoise (Groove That Soul Mix) [remixed by Satoshi Hidaka (from GTS)]
  4. Tong poo (DJ Celory Remix) [remixed by DJ Celory (from Soul Scream)]
  5. Insomnia (Dry & Heavy Remix) [remixed by Dry & Heavy]
  6. Jiseiki - hirake kokoro - (Good-Bye Bus Mix) [remixed by Hiroyuki Hayashi (from Polysics)]
  7. Rydeen (Yamada Man Remix) [remixed by Yamada Man (from Rappagariya)]
  8. Cosmic Surfin' (Merry-Go-Round Mix) [remixed by Eye (from Boredoms)]
  9. Behind the Mask (Farewell, Mr. S3000 Remix) [remixed by Taku (from m-flo)]
  10. Key (Forest 808 Mix) [remixed by ENML] [2-LP has ENML's 'Hard Coincidental Mix' instead]
  11. You've Got To Help Yourself (Pop'LasT-c'mix) [remixed by Pop]
  12. Closing for the Future - Hideki Matsutake (CD: VICL-60653)

    2-LP extra tracks:

  13. Absolute Ego Dance (Denki's Eisa-RMX) [remixed by Denki Groove]
  14. Rydeen (Instrumental) [remixed by Yamada Man (from Rappagariya)]
  15. You've Got To Help Yourself (Pop's banana trap Mix) (2-LP: VIJL-60073-4)
Remixes by Junior Vasquez.

30 June 2004 various artists CD-Extra AUDIO SPONGE 2

  1. Attention Tokyo (PSAPP Companion Mix) 3.45
  2. Supreme Secret (Prefuse73 Remix) 4.15
  3. Flying George (The Soft Pink Truth Remix) 4.58
  4. Flakes (Opiate Remix) 5.00
  5. Wiper (Erich Zahn Cunnucephali$cum Mix) 6.16
  6. Plankton (Team Doyobi Practonanomorphogenicmagmus Mix) 5.22
  7. Mars (Aoki Takamasa Remix) 4.58
  8. Kokuritsu (New Song) (so-y inspired by Attention Tokyo) 4.23
  9. Fly Me to the River (MARZ remix) 4.28 (add. music and vocals: ALBRECHT KUNZE & EKKEHARD EHLERS)
  10. Microtalk (AtomTM micro acid mix parts 1-3) 11.07 (at "Mira Musica!", Santiago de Chile, May 2004)
  11. Attention Tokyo (PSAPP leaving in coffins mix) 4.11 (CTCR-14338)

Copyright (c) 1996-11-02 Jonas Wårstad.

Last update 2004-09-01.

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