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Santa Rosa (intended as a single for Japan but only released as a Swedish B-side)
720321 Santa Rosa [B-side 'He Is Your Brother' Nov 1972]

People Need Love (single May 1972 as 'Björn & Benny, Agneta & Anni-Frid')
720329 People Need Love
720329 Merry-Go-Round [intended for Japan but used instead as B-side of 'People Need Love']

Åh, vilka tider (intended for an LP)
720607 Åh, vilka tider [B-side 'Ring Ring (Swedish version)' 14 Feb 1973; only released on CD in 2005 on the Swedish compilation 18 Hits]

RING RING (LP 26 March 1973 as 'Björn, Benny, Agneta & Frida')
720926 [First official Ring Ring LP session]
721017 He Is Your Brother [also as single Nov 1972]
721102 Nina, Pretty Ballerina
72late/73early - Another Town, Another Train
730110 Ring Ring (English version) [also as single 19 Feb 1973 and UK remixed single May 1974]
730125 Me and Bobby and Bobby’s Brother
7301xx [recording of Swedish vocals to 'Ring Ring'; single 14 Feb 1973]
730314 Disillusion
730314 Love Isn't Easy [also as single June 1973]
730315 I Saw It in the Mirror

'Ring Ring' vocal overdubs
7307xx [recording of German vocals]
7307xx [recording of Spanish vocals]

WATERLOO (LP 4 March 1974 as 'ABBA')
730924 Dance (While the Music Still Goes On)
731016 Suzy-Hang-Around
731016 My Mama Said
731017 What About Livingstone
731017 Honey Honey (English version) [also as single April 1974]
731114 King Kong Song
731213 Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
731217 Waterloo (English version) [also as single 4 March 1974]
731217 Watch Out
731218 Sitting in the Palmtree
731218 Hasta Mañana
73late/74early - [recording of Swedish vocals to 'Waterloo'; single 4 March 1974]
740130 [recording of Swedish vocals to 'Honey Honey'; B-side of 'Waterloo (Swedish version)' 4 March 1974]
740418 [recording of French vocals to 'Waterloo' in Paris]

ABBA (LP 21 April 1975)
740822/23 So Long [also as single 7 Jan 1975]
740822/23 Man in the Middle
740822/23 S.O.S. [also as single June 1975]
740914 Hey, Hey Helen
740915 Rikky Rock’n’Roller [unfinished song]
740915 I've Been Waiting for You
740916 Here Comes Rubie Jamie [unfinished song]
741016 Intermezzo No. 1
741016 Crazy World [not released until Nov 1976 as the B-side of 'Money, Money, Money']
741018 Rock Me
750107 Bang-A-Boomerang
750221 Tropical Loveland
750221 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do [also released as a single in early April 1975]
750312 Mamma Mia [also as single Sep 1975]

STARS IM ZEICHEN EINES GUTEN STERNS (German various artists charity album 1975)
750506 Medley (Pick a Bale of Cotton/On Top of Old Smokey/Midnight Special) [also used (remixed??) in 1978 as B-side of 'Summer Night City']

Sessions for a single (single release was postponed until 1976)
750804/05 Dancing Queen [single 16 Aug 1976]
750903 Fernando [single March 1976]
['Fernando' was originally recorded in Swedish for Frida's 1975 solo album 'Ensam' [Alone/Lonely], but it was later overdubbed with English vocals and released as a non-album ABBA single in March 1976]

ARRIVAL (LP 11 Oct 1976)
760323 Knowing Me, Knowing You [also as single 18 Feb 1977]
760324 That's Me
760426 Happy Hawaii [B-side 'Knowing Me, Knowing You'; later re-worked into 'Why Did It Have To Be Me']
760517 Money, Money, Money [also as single 1 Nov 1976]
760614 When I Kissed the Teacher
760719 Tiger
760719 Dum Dum Diddle
760820 My Love, My Life
760827 Why Did It Have To Be Me
760830 Arrival

Live 3 March 1977 Sydney Showground
770303 I Wonder (Departure) (live) [B-side of 'The Name of the Game' Sep 1977]

ABBA - THE ALBUM (LP 12 Dec 1977)
770531 The Name of the Game [also as single Sep 1977]
770601 Eagle [also as single May 1978]
7706xx Scaramouche [unfinished song]
770718 One Man, One Woman
770721 Thank You for the Music
770801 I’m a Marionette
770802 I Wonder (Departure)
770803 Hole in Your Soul
770815 Take a Chance on Me [also as single Jan 1978]

VOULEZ-VOUS (LP 23 April 1979)
780424 Lovelight [B-side of 'Chiquitita' 16 Jan 1979]
780425 Lovers (Live a Little Longer)
780529 Summer Night City [truncated version released as a non-album single 6 Sep 1978]
780529 Free As a Bumble Bee [unfinished song]
7807 or 08 - [remixing of 'Medley' from 1975; B-side of 'Summer Night City' 6 Sep 1978]
780818 The King Has Lost His Crown
780818 Just a Notion [unfinished song]
780831 Hamlet III Part 2 [a.k.a. Lotties Schottis] [unfinished song]
780916 Cryin’ over You [unfinished song]
780927 Dream World [not released until 1994]
781025 If It Wasn’t for the Nights
781026 Angeleyes [also as single Aug 1979]
781213 Chiquitita [also as single 16 Jan 1979]
790201 Voulez-Vous
790206 Does Your Mother Know [also as single April 1979]
790207 Kisses of Fire
790314 As Good As New
790315 I Have a Dream [also as single Dec 1979]
790320 Voulez-Vous (Extended remix)

790607 Sång till Görel [specially recorded song]

GREATEST HITS VOL 2 (coll-LP 29 Oct 1979)
790808 Rubber Ball Man [unfinished song]
790809 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man after Midnight) [single Oct 1979]

Live 5-10 Nov 1979 Wembley Arena, London
791105-10 Take a Chance on Me (live) [B-side of 'I Have a Dream' Dec 1979]
791108 The Way Old Friends Do [overdubbed in Oct 1980 for inclusion on 'Super Trouper'] [specially written for ABBA's 1979 world tour]

800204 Andante, Andante
800205 Elaine [B-side of 'The Winner Takes It All' 21 July 1980]
800206 The Piper
800211 Happy New Year
800212 On and On and On
800603 Burning My Bridges [unfinished song]
800604 Our Last Summer
800606 The Winner Takes It All [also as single 21 July 1980]
800908 Me and I
800909 Lay All Your Love on Me
800909 Put on Your White Sombrero [not released until 1994]
801003 Super Trouper [also as single Nov 1980]

'Hovas vittne' (special limited single 25 Jan 1981)
810118 Hovas vittne
810118 Tivedshambo

THE VISITORS (first sessions) (LP 30 Nov 1981)
810316-19 Slipping Through My Fingers
810316-19 When All Is Said and Done
810316-19 Two for the Price of One

Live 27-29 April 1981, Swedish Television
810427-29 Slipping Through My Fingers (live) [not released until 1994]
810427-29 Me and I (live) [not released until 1994]

THE VISITORS (main recording sessions) (LP 30 Nov 1981)
810525 Givin' a Little Bit More [unfinished song]
810902 Head over Heals [also as single 19 March 1982]
810903 I Let the Music Speak
810904 Should I Laugh Or Cry [B-side of 'One of Us']
811015 Soldiers
811021 One of Us [also as single 7 Dec 1981]
811022 The Visitors
811108 Like and Angel Passing Through My Room

Sessions for a planned new LP
820503 You Owe Me One [B-side of 'Under Attack' Dec 1982]
820504 Just Like That [unfinished song]
820505 I Am the City [not released until 1993 on 'More ABBA Gold']

THE SINGLES (sessions for a new single for coll-2LP 'The Singles' 8 Nov 1982)
820802-04 Under Attack [single Dec 1982]
820802-04 Cassandra [B-side of 'The Day Before You Came']
820820 The Day Before You Came [single 18 Oct 1982]

Copyright (c) 1998-07-06 Jonas Wårstad.
Based on information in books by Carl Magnus Palm.


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