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The Early Years before Buggles

7 Sep 1977 German 7" Boogatti: Come Back Marianne

    Come Back Marianne 3.18 (Bruce Woolley/Rod Thompson) / Boot Boot Woman 3.34 (Trevor Horn) (Polydor 2040 178)
Produced by Peter Jansen.

(2 June?) 1978 UK/German/Dutch 7" Big A: Caribbean Air Control / Juke Joint Bop

    Caribbean Air Control (Everitt/Horn/Trevor) / Juke Joint Bop (Everitt/Trevor) (UK 7": Sonet/Everblue Music SON 2150; German 7": Ariola 15 803; Dutch 7": Sonet SES 15104)
(27 Oct?) 1978 UK 7" Big A: Fly on Ufo
    Fly on Ufo [single version] (A.Everitt, T.Horn) / Ofu no Ylf [single version] (A. Everitt, T. Horn, C. Trevor) (Sonet SON 2167)
Produced by T. C. Horn.

1978 UK/Dutch 7" Chromium: Fly on Ufo

    Chromium: Fly on UFO 3.47 / Juke Joint Bop 2.14 (UK promo 7": Infinity Records INF-107; Dutch 7": Infinity Records/EMI 5C 006-62757)
1978 US 7"/12" Chrome: Fly on Ufo
    Fly on UFO 3.47 / Juke Joint Bop 2.14 (US 7": Infinity Records INF-50005)

    Fly on UFO 7.37 (Extended Version) / Caribbean Air Control (instrumental version) 7.12 (US 12": Infinity Records INF-16002)

1979 US 12" Chromium: Fly on Ufo
    Fly on UFO (Extended Version) 7.37 / Caribbean Air Control (instrumental version) 7.12 (Infinity Records INFT 107)

    Fly on UFO (Extended Version) 7.37 / Beam On 5.51 (Infinity Records DS12014)

  1. Radar Angels 4.27
  2. Forces of Light 3.05
  3. Star to Star 4.23
  4. Time Traveler 3.36
  5. Castaway 3.42
  1. Haunted Disco 3.40
  2. Beam on 5.50 (A.Everitt/C.Trevor)
  3. Caribbean Air Control 3.25 (A. Everitt/T. Horn/C. Trevor)
  4. Fly on UFO 3.50 (Hit Factory/Infinity Records, INF 9017)
Produced in England By "T.C Horn". GEOFF DOWNES: keyboards. ANN DUDLEY: all other keyboards. HANS ZIMMER: electronics. TREVOR HORN: vocal bits & pieces. Lead vocals: Alma Thibou and Vicki Spence.

Geoff Downes: "Chromium was a project between myself and Trevor Horn. We did an album, basically a year before we did the Buggles' stuff. Trevor had done this [single] called 'Carribean Air Control'. The guy who ran the Hit Factory in America got a copy of this record and really enjoyed it. He offered me and Trevor to make an album of disco music. It was pre-Buggles, but a bit more mainstream. We did the album in New York, and I think it came out on Hit Factory's own label. I never even got a copy of it myself (laughs)." (from the official Asia site).

Copyright (c) 1996-08-13 Jonas Wårstad.

Last update 2011-10-31.

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