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(All catalogue numbers and release dates refer to the UK.)

26 May 2003 CDM/12" Dirty Sticky Floors

  1. Dirty Sticky Floors (Radio Mix) 3.32 [additional production and mix by Alan Moulder]
  2. Stand Up 5.29
  3. Maybe 4.50 (regular CD-maxi: CDMUTE 294)
  1. Dirty Sticky Floors (Junkie XL Vocal Remix Edit)
  2. Dirty Sticky Floors (Lexicon Avenue Vocal Mix Edit)
  3. Dirty Sticky Floors (Passengerz Dirty Club Remix Edit) (limited CD-maxi: LCDMUTE 294)
  1. Dirty Sticky Floors (Video)
  2. Dirty Sticky Floors (Junkie XL Dub Edit)
  3. Black and Blue Again (Acoustic) (DVD: DVDMUTE 294)
    Dirty Sticky Floors (Junkie XL Vocal Remix)
    Dirty Sticky Floors (Junkie XL Dub) (12" 2 June: 12MUTE 294)

    Dirty Sticky Floors (Lexicon Avenue Vocal Mix)
    Dirty Sticky Floors - Silencer Remix (limited 12" 2 June: L12MUTE 294)

All songs written by Dave Gahan and Knox Chandler. 'Dirty Sticky Floors' produced by Ken Thomas, the other two tracks (not included on the full length album) are produced by Dave Gahan and Knox Chandler. My comments: a rather straight-forward soft-rock thing - it's not a bad single, but I don't really enjoy it. And believe me, I really tried.


  1. Dirty Sticky Floors 3.32
  2. Hold On 4.20
  3. A Little Piece 5.13
  4. Bottle Living 3.35
  5. Black and Blue Again 5.46
  6. Stay 4.21
  7. I Need You 4.48
  8. Bitter Apple 6.03
  9. Hidden Houses 5.04
  10. Goodbye 5.56 (Regular CD: Mute CDSTUMM216)
EXTRA DVD WITH SPECIAL EDITION 2 DISC SET: All songs written by Dave Gahan and Knox Chandler. Produced by Ken Thomas. My comments: It's a lightyear between Dave's and Martin's solo work, Dave being much more rough and unpolished. I like 'Bottle Living' best, it's genuinely tough and well-produced, and 5 and 7 are nice and cosy songs, but most of the other tracks (2, 3, 6, 8 and 9) are simply too uninteresting to catch my interest.

18 Aug 2003 CDM/DVD/12" I Need You

  1. I Need You (Radio Mix) 3.40 [additional production and mix by Jeremy Wheatley]
  2. Closer 4.05
  3. Breathe 4.50 (regular CD-maxi: CDMUTE 301)
  1. I Need You (Ladytron detoxxMixx)
  2. I Need You (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix)
  3. I Need You (Jay's Summerdub) (limited CD-maxi: LCDMUTE 301)
  1. Black and Blue Again (Acoustic) (Video)
  2. I Need You (Ladytron detoxxMixx - Instrumental)
  3. Dirty Sticky Floors (Lexicon Avenue Dirty Sticky Dub) (DVD: DVDMUTE 301)
    I Need You (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix)
    I Need You (Gabriel & Dresden Plugged Dub) (12" 1 Sep: 12MUTE 301)

    I Need You (Jay's Summerdub)
    I Need You (Ladytron detoxxMixx)
    I Need You (Ladytron detoxxMixx - Instrumental) (limited 12" 1 Sep: L12MUTE 301)

All songs written by Dave Gahan and Knox Chandler. The two extra tracks 'Closer' and 'Breathe' are produced by Dave Gahan and Knox Chandler; they are not bad.

27 Oct 2003 CDM/DVD Bottle Living

  1. Bottle Living
  2. Hold On (Extended Radio Mix)
  3. Bottle Living (Tomcraft Vocal) (regular CD-maxi: CDMUTE 310)
  1. Bottle Living (Machinehead Lyric Mix)
  2. Bottle Living (Raumschmiere Vocal Mix)
  3. Hidden Houses (Alexander Kowalski Remix) (limited CD-maxi: LCDMUTE 310)
  1. Bottle Living (Video)
  2. Bottle Living (Tomcraft Dub)
  3. Bottle Living (Machinehead Synth Mix) (DVD: DVDMUTE 310)
  1. Bottle Living (Album version)
  2. Hold On (Radio Mix) (Mute "Pock-It" limited [6,000 copies only!] 3" CD-single: CD MUTE 310P)
Definitely the best song from PAPER MONSTERS.

1 March 2004 live DVD LIVE MONSTERS

    (Mute DVD STUMM 216)

8 Oct 2007 CDM Kingdom

    22 Oct 2007 CD HOURGLASS
    1. Saw Something
    2. Use You
    3. Endless
    4. 21 Days
    5. A Little Lie
    6. Deeper and Deeper
    7. Love Will Leave
    8. Down
    9. Miracles
    10. Tomorrow
    11. Kingdom
    "GAHAN wrote and produced all the songs in collaboration with Christian Eigner (drums) and Andrew Phillpott (guitars) of the Depeche Mode touring band. They worked at Gahan's 11th Floor Studios in his adopted hometown of NYC where he's lived for the past 10 years. Tony Hoffer, known for his work with Beck, Air, the Kooks and the Fratellis, has been tapped to mix the album in July."

    Copyright (c) 2003-05-26 Jonas Wårstad.

    Last updated 2007-08-17.


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