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Phil Harrison & Stuart Gordon
Projects 1981

12 Jan 1981 various artists magazine LP THE RECORDER [# 2]

“The studio tracks on this album were recorded and mixed from 16 to 20 October, 1980, at Crescent Studios, 144 Walcot Street, Bath. They were engineered and produced by David Lord, assisted by the wonderful Steve Street.” Sleeve note for THE WELDERS: "Phil Harrison: keyboards, drums. Stuart Gordon: guitars, vocals, percussion. James Warren: Tesco bass, backing vocals. This group of talented young musicians from Bath score zero on the musical credibility stakes: no aggression; no deep and intense emotions; no urban alienation; just this strange passion to write nice pop songs. Do they exist? Are they really Welders? Is this meaningful? Is this the sort of thing that should appear on independent albums? Is rock music dead? How many records have this group sold in France? Is there really a spelling mistake in ‘intence’?"

July (?) 1981 7" Foreign Bodies: Voices

    Voices 3.02 (Phil Harrison/Stuart Gordon) / Arabia Felix 3.57 (Phil Harrison) (Felix, KRL A1469)
Produced by Phil Harrison, Stuart Gordon & David Lord at Crescent Studios, Bath.

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