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(Phil Harrison & Stuart Gordon Project 1975-1979)

  1. Today's Rain 2.25 (Harrison)
  2. Moon's Bright 3.44 (Gordon)
  3. Jagram 2.52 (Harrison)
  4. Eyes Lie Closed 4.48 (Harrison)
  5. Willows 1.47 (Harrison)
  6. I Find You 3.12 (music by Gordon, words by Harrison)

  7. Fields of Autumn 5.55 (Harrison)
  8. Now She Is Gone 4.11 (music by Gordon, words by Harrison)
  9. Living in London (is a frightehing mess) 3.27 (Harrison)
  10. Song of I 4.21 (Harrison) (RCA SF8400)
Stuart Gordon: strings, guitars, keyboards, voice. Phil Harrison: keyboards, guitars, flute, voice. Pick Withers: drums and percussion. Paul Cobbold: bass guitars and whisteling. Recorded at Rockfield Studios, produced by Rodger Bain. 'Jagram' recorded at Trident Studios. Tim Hawkins: "The musicianship is superb but there is real Stackridgean fun, though perhaps a little more self-conscious and studenty."


  1. A Fistful of Fiddles (Gordon)/The Curragh Races/The Drogheda Weavers/Monaghans Jig/Keeper Hill/Good Morning to Your Nightcap 5.14
  2. Spatter the Dew 2.30
  3. The Drunken Sailor 3.04
  4. King of the Fairies 2.33
  5. Down the Hill/Top the Candle/Paddy Murphy's Wife/The Reel of Bogie 5.28

  6. The Irish Wolfhound 2.50 (Harrison)
  7. Clog Dance/Gillie Callum/Follow Me down to Carlow/The Foxhunter's Jig 5.57
  8. The Girl Who Broke My Heart 2.27
  9. Delvinside/The Mason's Apron/Breakdown/Glenlivet 4.06
  10. Merrily Kissed the Quaker 3.35 (Crescent Records ARS 111; reissue LP 1980: Avada Records AVA 107)
All titles except 'A Fistful of Fiddles' and 'The Irish Wolfhound' are traditional tunes arranged by Phil Harrison and Stuart Gordon. Recorded 19-22 Dec 1976 by Brian Preston and David Lord at Bath University.

Phil Harrison told me 9 April 2002: "The SWBs Greatest Hats" was originally a vinyl album (produced by David Lord and us) released 1976 [actually 1977] featuring a particular part of SWBs repertoire (i.e. the trad. tunes rather than the original songs). Much later (don't remember the year) it was rereleased as a cassette (Libra Realsound LRS111) by a company specialising in 'real' recordings: it fitted their bill because we recorded almost the whole thing straight to stereo - no mixing - in analog days buffs liked this kind of stuff."


  1. Streets 2.47 (Gordon)
  2. Ominous Feeling 2.53 (Harrison)
  3. New Island 5.20 (Gordon)
  4. I'm Not on My Own 3.16 (Harrison)
  5. Westminster Bridge 3.39 (Harrison)

  6. Iome 3.04 (Harrison/Gordon)
  7. Paradise on Rainy Nights 2.28 (Gordon)
  8. My Lady 3.49 (Gordon)
  9. Blue Notes 3.40 (Gordon)
  10. All You Are 2.14 (Harrison) (Pye Records, N 111)
27 July 1979 7" Iome
    Iome / I'm Not on My Own (Pye Records 7P 122)

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