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Shortlived project formed in 1983 by George Kajanus and Henry Marsh around the same time as the second DATA LP

  1. Nathalie: My Love Won't Let You Down 5.30
  2. Fatima: Hassan 6.16
  3. Data: Over 21 (Razormaid "a-2" Mix) 7.44
  4. Peter Godwin: Images of Heaven 6.07
  5. Data: Living Inside Me (Razormaid "a-2" Mix) 7.27
  6. Data: In Blue (Razormaid "d-9" Mix) 5.57
  7. Data: DJ (Razormaid "d-9" Mix) 5.39
  8. And the Mamluks: The Hammer and the Heart (Epilogue Mix) 6.24
  9. And the Mamluks: I Won't Follow (Epilogue Mix) 6.04
  10. Data: Over 21 (Atrocity Exhibition Mix) 6.50
  11. Data: Living Inside Me (Atrocity Exhibition Mix) 7.20
Sep 2006 mail-order coll-CD KAJANUS (REVEALED)
  1. Georg Kajanus: Say Hallo 3.01 [the first solo single release by GK - from vinyl]
  2. Georg Kajanus: Before You Say Goodbye 2.43 [mono B-side to 'Say Hallo' - from vinyl]
  3. Georg Kajanus: Flying Machine 3.03 [from the original demo acetate heard by Cliff Richard]
  4. Kajanus/Pickett: Passing Time 3.39 [from Kajanus/Pickett's 'Hi Ho Silver' - from vinyl]
  5. Sailor: Harbour 3.00 [instrumental B-side to Sailor's first single 'Traffic Jam']
  6. Sailor: The Pimp's Brigade 1.58 [from a live radio performance in Zurich]
  7. Data: La Tropicana 3.29 [1979] [percursor to 'Latino Lover' from the 'Street Lamp' album by Sailor of 1992]
  8. Data: Right Out of the Blue 2.53 [1979] [from cassette]
  9. Data: A Woman to My Man 4.07 [ca 1986]
  10. Data: It's Over 4.05 [ca 1986]
  11. Data: Soap Scenario 3.55 [ca 1986]
  12. Data: Toytown 3.28 [ca 1986] [instrumental mood piece based on the bizarre world of GK's sister, Eva Norvind]
  13. Fatima: Hassan 3.08 [1987] [precursor to 'Hannan' from the 'Street Lamp' alubm by Sailor of 1992]
  14. Fatima: Toubib 3.10 [1987] [from Arabic - French slang for doctor]
  15. Georg Kajanus: Marseilles Galante 2.12 [written 1988 for GK's "Sailor, The Musical"] [based on the original 'Pimp's Brigade']
  16. Georg Kajanus: Bumpety Bump 2.21 [written 1988 for GK's "Sailor, The Musical"]
  17. Georg Kajanus: A Woman Like Me 3.18 [written 1988 for GK's "Sailor, The Musical"] [dedicated to GK's late sister, Eva Norvind]
  18. Sailor: Stone after Stone 4.00 [written for Sailor in the late 1980s/early 1990s] [inspired by Berlin 1989, but considered too political for Sailor by GK]
  19. Sailor: Desert Island 3.09 [written for Sailor in the late 1980s/early 1990s] [considered by Sailor to be inappropriate for their ages - from cassette]
  20. Sailor: Boom! Boom! Boom! 3.16 [written for Sailor in the late 1980s/early 1990s] [considered by GK to have too many 'Booms' - from cassette - for stereo playback only]
  21. Sailor: Apache 2.40 [written for Sailor in the late 1980s/early 1990s] [instrumental]
  22. Sailor: Seagulls Are White 3.32 [written for Sailor in the late 1980s/early 1990s] [English counterpart to 'Måken Er Hvit' from 'The Norwegian Trilogy']
  23. Georg Kajanus: Gendernaut's Theme 2.14 [first unused version of the theme music for Monika Treut's film - from cassette]
  24. Georg Kajanus: Men Don't Cry 3.32 [dedicated to male mid-life crisis...]
  25. Noir: Genie 3.33 [considered for Noir]
Was only available from Sep 2006 by direct order from Georg Kajanus via his Web site. "These are 'the ones that got away' or 'the ones that stayed behind'. Most of these compositions were never commercially released and the reasons ranged from artistic considerations to bad timing to decisions of incompatibility. However, the fact remains that they all have inspired and contributed in artistic terms as much as any of my commercially released compositions. This album is a collection of demos, demo masters and masters, serving as a kind of audio biographical reflection of the artistic process."

13 July 2018 UK CD FATIMA ... AND THE MAMLUKS: THE HAMMER AND THE HEART [recordings 1983]

  1. Hassan 2.58
  2. The Hammer & the Heart 3.35
  3. Toubib 3.09
  4. The Heart 3.25
  5. Behne (I Won't Follow) 3.39
  6. Hassan (Razormaid Remix) 6.19
  7. The Hammer & the Heart (Razormaid Remix) 6.19
  8. Hassan (Razormaid Dub) 4.18
  9. Behne (I Won't Follow) (Razormaid Remix) 6.04 (Angel Air, SJPCD519)

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