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Jonas Warstad Photo Blog

I have taken lots of photographs over the years, and decided to publish some of them here.
I don't use Instagram because my photos are best viewed on a larger screen.
As you can see, I focus on dreamy colours (especially pastel) and lights, being inspired by impressionism rather than realism.
I only use my cell phone camera, and never use photoshop or add any effects.
All photos are taken in Halmstad, Sweden, unless otherwise noted.
Without further ado, I hope you enjoy my humble contributions to the immense photo ocean that is out there.

This was the very first photo that I took with my cell phone camera.
The feather immediately struck my attention as I walked carefreely on the beach.
They way the water drops reflected the sunlight just had to be preserved for posterity.
Photo date: 27 Sep 2015. Publication date: 5 July 2018.

Where does a road lead?
In the physical universe we can always know by looking at it.
In the metaphysical universe we never know where a road taken will lead us.
This photo represents a physical path that we yet can't see where it will lead.
Once we have chosen a road, or rather an action path, we never know where it will end.
Any action taken, any decision made, any word said, will lead to some result.
But we never know the result ahead.
And once that specific path has been walked to its due course, there is no turning back to un-make our decision to follow a chosen path.
Because the action has been taken, the decision has been made, the words have been said.
We can only learn and move onto the next path, hoping to be wiser this time around.
Photo date: 11 Oct 2015. Publication date: 12 July 2018.

Nature's majesty unfolds as the sunrays stream through the autumn leafs.
Photo date: 14 Oct 2015. Publication date: 6 Aug 2018.

"The Sunken City"...
Photo date: 17 Sep 2016. Publication date: 19 Aug 2018.

"Brilliant Trees and Golden Grass"...
Photo date: 2 Oct 2016. Publication date: 19 Aug 2018.

This majestic tree blesses us with a palette of autumn nuances, from fresh green to golden magic.
Photo date: 25 Oct 2016. Publication date: 29 Aug 2018.

A beach never looks the same. Always a new scenery, with shifting shapes, forms, colours, lights, reflections and shades.
Photo date: 30 Oct 2016. Location: Mellbystrand. Publication date: 8 Sep 2018.

"The Magic Glass Library..."
Photo date: 24 Jan 2017. Publication date: 8 Sep 2018.

"The Coloured Flower..."
Photo date: 19 May 2017. Publication date: 20 Sep 2018.

"The Coloured Flowers..."
Photo date: 20 May 2017. Publication date: 23 Sep 2018.

"Between to Worlds..."

Photo date: 27 May 2017. Location: The sea between Helsingor and Helsingborg. Publication date: 29 Sep 2018.

"The Sad but Beautiful Birthday..."

Photo date: 11 July 2017. Publication date: 3 Oct 2018.

"Three Colours..."

Photo date: 14 July 2017. Location: Påarp beach. Publication date: 3 Oct 2018.

"Sunset in pastel..."

Photo date: 19 July 2017. Publication date: 27 Oct 2018.

"Colour of life..."

Photo date: 21 July 2017. Publication date: 12 Nov 2018.

"A flower unknowingly bringing beauty to the world..."

Photo date: 22 July 2017. Location: Lagaoset. Publication date: 12 Nov 2018.

"A strange flower..."

Photo date: 27 July 2017. Publication date: 12 Nov 2018.

"The orange-pinky rose..."

Photo date: 6 Aug 2017. Location: Båstad. Publication date: 12 Nov 2018.

"A dreamy view of a heavenly place in the far distance..."

Photo date: 6 Aug 2017. Location: Båstad. Publication date: 12 Nov 2018.

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