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Spacelab is a Swedish Sci-fi space-electronic-ambient group consisting of stepbrothers Peter Folkesson and Stefan Ahnhem. The name is of course taken from the Kraftwerk song by the same title, although Spacelab only released a few 'Kraftwerkian' songs. In 1995 Peter changed his name to Peter Jubel, and today he works at Propellerhead Software

late 1985 various artists LP MEKANO CHRISTMAS PARTY

A rare LP. 'Yankee Doodle' (produced by Michael Fölsch + Spacelab, recorded at Michael Fölsch Studios in Gothenburg) is somewhat whimsical, whereas 'Time, Future' (produced by Spacelab, recorded at The Spacelab in Helsingborg) is a very dreamy and ambient track. It's a pity that they are not available anywhere else.

summer 1986 various artists MC Slitz sommarkassett: BADA I HITZ!

A 'new age' track which was also included (in a longer and reworked version) on their first album in 1990.


Two short Krafwerkian pastiches. Actually very good if you're a Kraftwerk fanatic! Not released elsewhere, except for on the 'Life in Universe' single.


  1. Blue Planet 4.10
  2. An Ocean of Dreams 6.22
  3. Space Age 4.20
  4. The Contact 1.51
  5. Life in Universe 4.39

  6. Night Train 5.42
  7. Columbia Respond! 1.09
  8. Outside an Airlock 4.47
  9. The Intruder! 0.42
  10. When Time Means Nothing 6.02
  11. Emergency Evacuation! 0.41 (CD/LP: Telegram Records, TCD-4/TLP-4)
Recorded 1988-89. Originally intended for release in January of 1990. Finally a full length album (now deleted). The perfect soundtrack for a Sci-fi movie; mostly slow and dreamy, but 3 and 5 are Kraftwerkian. According to an article in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet (Nov 27th, 1990) by Kjell Häglund, the planning for this album took three years, it took 1,5 years to record it, and another year to come up with a suitable cover. Stefan Ahnhem (script writer) and Pelle Folkesson (at the time working as 'product developer' at D-Drum): 'We've been working with Klas Lunding ever since the Mekano days, and I guess this is a very important project to him emotionally. Our roots are David Sylvian, Eno, Kraftwerk, Rupert Hine. Above all we mix total seriousness and humour. If there's a sci-fi program on TV we watch it and sample some of the sounds.'

Nov? 1990 12" Life in Universe

    Life in Universe (Kling Klang Remix) 7.44 / Elektronik Confusion 1.18 / Life in Universe 4.39 //
    The Contact Intro 1.51 [= 'The Contact'] / Life in Universe (Bonus Beats) 3.01 / Life in Universe (Complete Alien) 4.03 / Space Is Big, Man Is Small 1.09 (Telegram Records Stockholm TM-13)
A rare single featuring three unique mixes. It focuses on their Kraftwerkian sound.

late 1990 various artists CD/LP NORDIK BEATS VOLUME THREE

Another Kraftwerk pastiche. It could even fool a Kraftwerk fan. Not available anywhere else.

1991 Stefan Ahnhem / Frederik Brattlöf promo 12" Spasm: Spasm

    Spasm // [untitled] / [untitled] (white label promo 12": SPASM 1)
Mats Sandström gav mig följande info: "Telegram records startade i början av nittiotalet en sublabel som hette "ohm". Dom hade en studio på Lützengatan i Stockholm. De flesta av deras artister delade på denna studio. Själv gjorde jag lite musik med Cari Lekebusch där. Det vart lite av en samlingsplats för alla. Stefan, ena halvan av Spacelab, hade i början av nittiotalet ett sidoprojekt med Renegade som hette Spasm. Dom gjorde några låtar i Ohm-studion innan den lades ner. Renegade och Stefan spelade upp den musik de gjort tillsammans och jag tyckte det lät otroligt bra (spacelab fan som man är). Deras musik hann aldrig släppas på skiva, endast några promo 12´or existerar. Musiken är otroligt bra och det är synd att det aldrig släpptes." [OBS! Låten Spasm släpptes på samlings-CD-n nedan]

1991 various artists CD TELEGRAM RECORDS STOCKHOLM 1992

"Spasm" written and produced by Spasm, mixed by Jacob Hellner at Mistlur Studios. "Wet" written and produced by Spacelab, mixed by Spacelab at the Spacelab.

8 Sep 1993 coll-CD SPACELAB

  1. Touch Down 1.20 [new]
  2. Blue Planet 4.10
  3. An Ocean of Dreams 6.22
  4. Space Age 4.20
  5. The Contact 1.51
  6. Acid 2.50 [new]
  7. Night Train 5.42
  8. Columbia Respond! 1.09
  9. Outside an Airlock 4.47
  10. The Intruder! 0.42
  11. When Time Means Nothing 6.02
  12. Two Minutes 2.00 [new]
  13. Interception 0.35 [new]
  14. Nirvana 4.22 [new]
  15. Reality 4.48 [new]
  16. Wet 8.00 [longer than 1992 version] (Telegram, 4509-93430-2)
Recorded 1988-92. Basically the deleted 1990 album (without Life in Universe) with seven new tracks added. A great sounding compilation, this time focusing on softer ambient sounds (no Kraftwerk tracks at all).

Pelle himself emailed me 10 May 2000, and I asked him some questions: 1. Will there be any more Spacelab CDs? Answer: "Perhaps in the future. We don't really have time to meet and play on a regular basis. I hope to be able to use Internet to collaborate without having to meet in person. That's one of the things we are developing at Propellerheads." 2. Is there any unreleased Spacelab material? "Nothing which should be released". 3. Who did what in Spacelab, musically? "We did most of it together, but I guess I came up with most of the basic ideas." 4. How about releasing a limited CD edition of the Life in Universe 12", it does contain many vinyl-only tracks? "If we will ever release anything again then I think it should be some new material."

Copyright (c) 1996-08-30 Jonas Wårstad.

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