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1984 7"/12" Axodry featuring Two of China: Feel It Right
    Feel It Right 3.56 / Feel It Right (Electric Track) 3.32 [edit] (7": WESTSIDE 11002)

    Feel It Right (Painstakin' Mix) 5.38 / Feel It Right (Electric Track) 5.46 (12": WESTSIDE 21002)

Music by 'The Outlaw' [Ralf Henrich]. Lyrics by Talla [Andreas Tomalla] & 'The Outlaw'. 'The Outlaw': keyboards, computer programming & vocals. Talla: special computer programming, keyboard and extra dub effects. Produced by Two of China [Andreas Tomalla]. Recorded at Dynaton Studio.

1984 12" Two of China: Telk Mee

    Telk Mee (Wild Version) 4.42 / Telk Mee (Strange Version) 7.54 [Special Dance Edit by Michael Münzing] (12": WESTSIDE 21004)
Composed, arranged and performed by Talla [Andreas Tomalla]. Talla: Vocals, keyboard and drum programming. Ralf, Uwe & Jimmy: Synthesizers (PPG, Roland, Moog). Recorded & mastered at Dynaton Studio. Produced by F.D.A. [Future Dance Association - Andreas Tomalla & Alexander Henninger].

1986 12" Two of China: Los Niños del Parque

    Los Niños del Parque (Corrida-Mix) 5.20 / Los Niños del Parque (Tormenta-Mix) 5.38 (12": WESTSIDE 22002)
Electronic coordinator: Talla 2XLC. Recorded & mixed at Dynaton Studio. Produced by Westside.

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