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(Tony's brother)

June 2003 various artists soundtrack CD DR WHO

    Lee Mansfield: (theme)

Lee Mansfield explained to me: "There are three Dr Who Audio Dramas with my theme version on. They are 'Sympathy For The Devil' / 'He Jests At Scars...' / 'Deadline'. The first one is released in June. It's the same main theme on all - the opening title and the longer closing title. The story as to how I came to do these versions of the famous Dr Who theme is thus - I knew the producer of the Dr Who range (Gary Russell) and I asked him about four years ago when I knew they were going to start a series on audio, if I could have a go at creating a version of the theme. He said to go ahead, and if it was good enough, they would use it. So I sent my version in, and it was generally well-received by the production team - however, at that point, due to some complicated reason linked to publishing agreements and the BBC, they weren't able to use my version. Instead they had to go with the original BBC standard version. So that seemed the end of my contribution. Then a few months ago, another friend of mine (John Ainsworth) rang to say he was producing a new range of Dr Who audio stories to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the series, called Unbound that used 'alternative' actors to play the Doctor, and they would like to use my theme. So I dug it up, luckily Tony [Mansfield] had saved everything on the computer from four years ago, and with a few more modern nips and tucks here and there - I sent the theme again and it was accepted to be used."

Copyright (c) 2003-05-30 Jonas Wårstad.

Last update 2003-08-23.

Lee Mansfield's youtube channel (his own music project 'Midwich Graffiti' + some other nice bonus bits from the past)

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