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This page is dedicated to all records that Tony Mansfield has been involved in, either as a songwriter, musician or producer.
He has a very special sound to his productions which is easily recognized and dearly loved by his fans -
atmospheric synths, clever melodies, the 'cricket' sounds, submarine sounds, 'double' vocals, 12-string guitar, a touch of magic - 'The Mansfield Sound'!

His main production is New Musik, which was his own group where he wrote and produced all songs, and also sang, played guitar and synth.
The picture below is a promotional photo from 1983/84, given to Hungarian fan Miklos Galla when he met Tony and interviewed him in Feb 1984.
Please enjoy the music world of Tony Mansfield - hopefully you will find out about records you didn't know existed.

New Musik - Tony's own group

Naked Eyes - Tony produced two entire LPs

Captain Sensible - The Tony Mansfield productions

Tony Mansfield - Various producer/songwriter/musician projects

Tony Mansfield - Unreleased producer/songwriter/musician projects

Tony Mansfield Tributes (Music that is a tribute to / sounds like Tony Mansfield)

New Musik - Cover Versions

New Musik - Fan Remixes & Medleys

Lee Mansfield (Tony's brother - who is also a musician)

New Musik - The Story: Tony Mansfield chronology & interview quotes

My interview with Clive Gates (New Musik keyboardist)

"Things Need Maintainance" rare 7" acetate by Clive Gates of New Musik on youtube

The New Musik story by Simon Croft

Tony Mansfield analyzed by music journalist Mark Jacobson

External links:

New Musik fanpage at facebook

www.new-musik.co.uk (fan site)

www.listentolondon.net - documentary DVD including New Musik (1981)



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