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May/June 1979 International 7"/12" Nick Straker band: A Walk in the Park

    A Walk in the Park 3.50 / Something in the Music 3.10 (German 7": Decca 6.12505; UK 7": Pinnacle PIN 1; UK reissue 7" 20 June 1980: CBS 8525; US 7" 1980: Epic 9-50904)

    A Walk in the Park 5.00 [Extended] / Something in the Music 4.55 [Extended] (German 12": 6.20017; UK 12": PIN 1-12)

Tony Mansfield plays guitar, Phil Towner drums and Tony Hibbert bass. Produced by Nick Straker. There's also a 7" picture disc with a picture of Nick Straker and all four New Musik members. The 12" has a picture of Nick Straker and the New Musik members minus Clive Gates.

3 Aug 1979 7" Richard Henry Dee: Where Have All My Friends Gone

    Where Have All My Friends Gone / (instrumental) (Piccadilly/PEY, 7P 119)
Produced by R. Throught and Tony Mansfield.


  1. A Walk in the Park 5.57
  2. Don't Come Back 4.02
  3. Come Over 4.00
  4. The Future's Above My Head 3.43
  1. Modern Music 3.45
  2. Living in My Head 3.27
  3. Play the Fool 3.49
  4. Early Bird 3.18
  5. Looking for the Way 4.20 (German LP/MC: Decca 6.24145/4.24165)
Recorded at TMC Studios. Tony Mansfield plays guitar on "A Walk in the Park", "Don't Come Back", "Modern Music", "Early Bird" and "Looking for the Way". Phil Towner plays drums & percussion on all tracks except "Come Over". Tony Hibbert plays bass guitar on "A Walk in the Park", "Don't Come Back" and "Modern Music". Produced by Nick Straker. Many of the tracks were issued on CD in the 90s. Tony Mansfield was not involved in any NSB recordings after this. Here is my complete Nick Straker Band discography

23 Nov 1979 7"/12" After the Fire: Life in the City

    Life in the City 3.08 / Listen To Me (7": CBS 8057)

    Life in the City 4.02 // Listen To Me / Laser Love / Power of a Jet (12": CBS 12 8057)

A-side produced by Tony Mansfield (NOT same version as on the 1979 LP LASER LOVE or the 2005 2CD "Der Kommissar - The CBS Recordings"). B-side produced by After the Fire. Both tracks written by Piercy/Banks.

18 April 1980 withdrawn promo 7" After the Fire: Love Will Always Make You Cry

    Love Will Always Make You Cry / Every Mother's Son 2.30 (Epic/CBS, EPC 8394)
This original Mansfield-produced version of 'Love Will Always...' was pressed as a promo single and some copies were shipped out, but the single was withdrawn. On 22 Aug 1980 a second pressing (EPC 8942) was made, produced by Mack instead. The B-side Every Mother's Son was issued again as a B-side to 'Wild West Show' 24 Oct 1980. The B-side is included as an extra track on the After the Fire double CD "Der Kommissar - The CBS Recordings" (Edsel Records MEDCD 757) in 2005.

April/May? 1980 rejected/unreleased LP AFTER THE FIRE: 80-F

  1. Starflight
  2. High Fashion
  3. Another World
  4. Can You Face It?
  5. Operator
  1. Love Will Always Make You Cry
  2. 1980-F
  3. Satellite in Orbit
  4. Who's Gonna Love You
  5. Billy Billy
  6. Starflight (reprise)
Tony Mansfield produced this entire LP approximately from Nov 1979 to March 1980 (engineered by Pete Hammond at the T.M.C. Studios, Tooting, England) but the record company did not approve of his production. Julian Carr told me 13 Nov 1999: "When this LP was rejected, Mack took over (in April 1980). Mack took the tracks and mostly added extra layers, and re-recorded drumming (drums on the Mansfield version were Nick Brotherwood - he left, and Pete King joined instead and did the Mack version). Four tracks (Another World, Operator, Satellite in Orbit and Starflight reprise) were dropped, and three new songs written. At least one acetate of the original album exists, pressed at Tape One. The new Mack-produced LP (Epic SEPC 84545) was released 24 Oct 1980 and contained ten tracks: 1980-F 2.32, Love Will Always Make You Cry 3.30, Can You Face It? 3.15, Who's Gonna Love You 4.05, Starflight 4.15, Wild West Show 3.30, Billy, Billy 4.40, It's High Fashion 3.07, Why Can't We Be Friends 2.46, Joanne 4.10. The track 1980-F (an instrumental) was left alone, and is the only Mansfield track to make it to CD [included on the After the Fire double CD "Der Kommissar - The CBS Recordings" (Edsel Records MEDCD 757) in 2005]."

April 1980 7" Maggie Britton: Bright Water

    Bright Water 2.58 / Josephine 3.16 (Songwriters Workshop, SW 7)
Aug 1980 7" Maggie Britton: Goodship Earth
    Goodship Earth / No Secrets (Piccadilly/PEY, 7P 191)
15 Nov 1980 various artists LP 101 - BEYOND THE GROOVE
Produced by Tony Mansfield and R.P.M (Lee Jacob, Alan Rear, Mr Clifford, Mr Stanbrook and one more (unknown) person). This track was later used as B-side on their first single - see entry at July 1981.


  1. Bright Water 2.58
  2. Josephine 3.16
  3. My Town 3.23
  4. Extra Days of You 3.27
  5. No Secrets 3.35
  1. Goodship Earth 4.21
  2. What Am I Gonna Do 2.52
  3. The Boys from Brazil 3.15
  4. Friend of Mine 3.31
  5. Running To My Freedom 3.19 (Monarch Records, MON LP025)
Recorded at TMC Studios London. Keyboards: Nick Straker, guitar: Tony Mansfield, bass: Tony Hibbert, drums: Phil Towner, overdubbs: Nick Straker, Cliff Venner and Tony Mansfield. Lead vocals: Maggie Britton. Engineer: Andy Gierus. Produced and arranged by Tony Mansfield and Jim Haddleton.

Maggie herself told me 4 Dec 2010: "I have just enjoyed browsing through your page on the recordings of Tony Mansfield. It brought back great memories of the making of my album which you have listed. Tony, was brilliant from the get go---he just had what it takes and I still regret not heeding his direction on a couple of the tracks particularly "Good Ship Earth". I am myspace friends with (Engineer/songwriter/musician) Andy Geirus and also Nick Straker songwriter and keyboardist exraordinaire. I was fortunate to work with Tony and the musicians you have named. The owner of TMC studios was Bernie Proctor and I do recall that he sold me the baby grand from the studio--the same one Nick Straker played on my album and is prominent on the recording of "Whatever Happened To Josephine?" which is loosely biographical. Many of the tracks feature Tony's beautiful Ovation guitar which sounds so clear and bright. A year or so ago I transferred the vinyl LP to my mac and I think I'll play something right now------my two favorite tracks are "Whatever Happened To Josephine?" and "Good Ship Earth" the later I would really like to get to record again as Tony wanted it to be. Being both a singer and a songwriter it took some time for me to realize that I had to remove my songwriting hat and approach each song in the same way I would do when learning any new piece of music. Until now I have previously only ever recorded original material so to record an album of timeless standards has been a really pleasurable exercise. The album came about when a very dear friend asked for a CD of my music to play while he was driving- ----as we all know regardless of where we are in the world, driving can be stressful so I came to the conclusion that I would record an album that was chilled and hopefully relaxing. In October 2010 I was completing production of an album for Australian artist Lesyah ---the album "Day In The Sun" is released digitally and will be in the shops some time next week. Anyway, on the days when Lesyah finished, with studio time to spare I recorded "Ditto" Songs For Alexander with the intention of the tracks being a private collection only. However, the studio engineer Roberto Merlini from ADM, the mastering engineer Paul Blakey from 12th & Vine Post, and the owner of Oak Records persuaded me to release the collection. I loved recording the songs and I'll be thrilled if it gives pleasure to Alexander and to anyone else. Feel free to post a comment at www.myspace.com/maggiebritton or write on my wall at www.facebook.com ---I'm a novice on facebook but I believe I have a musician page. Other sites where you'll find me are at www.oakrecords.com.au (you can buy a signed copy through Oak Records) or through Itunes for digital and at www.jazzqueensland.com under Artists."


This track was written by Tony Mansfield. Produced by Ken Gold. Tony later re-recorded it himself for a New Musik B-side.

Feb 1981 double A-sided 7"/12" Delegation: Singing/12th House

    Singing 4.01 / 12th House (Single Edit) 3.42 (7": Ariola, ARO 252)

    Singing (12" Special Disco Mix) 7.02 // 12th House / Dance, Prance, Boogie (12": AROD 252)

"12th House" written by Tony Mansfield. Produced by Ken Gold.


Recorded March-May 1981 in Tokyo & UK.

1 July 1981 7" RPM: Now That Summer's Here

    Now That Summer's Here 3.12 (Jacob/Rear) / I'm Energy 3.39 (Stanbrook) (Ariola, AR0 264)
Both sides produced by Tony Mansfield and RPM. RPM are Lee Jacob (guitars, backing vocals), Alan Rear (bass, guitar, backing vocals), Geoff Grange (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Clifford Stanbrook (keyboards, guitar) and Alan Moore (drums). The B-side was first released in Nov 1980 on various artists LP 101 BEYOND THE GROOVE (see earlier entry).

Aug 1981 7" R.P.M.: Lost in Space

    Lost in Space (Jacob/Rear) / Watch the World Go Round (Stanbrook) (Ariola, AR0 267)
Both sides produced by Tony Mansfield and RPM.

Summer ca 1981 unreleased LP (+ CD-R) RPM: WATCH THE WORLD GO ROUND

  1. Urban Foxes 5.47 (Jacob/Rear)
  2. Watch the World Go Round 3.38 (Jacob/Rear)
  3. Lost in Space 3.34 (Jacob/Rear)
  4. Frozen Generations 3.16 (Jacob/Rear)
  5. The Power Game 3.41 (Jacob/Rear)
  6. Now That Summer's Here 3.47 (Jacob/Rear)
  7. 1982 4.08 (Jacob/Rear)
  8. She's Never Wrong 3.46 (Jacob/Rear)
  9. I'm Energy 3.56 (Stanbrook)
  10. Sensorama 3.59 (Stanbrook)
  11. Love Will Keep You Dancing (4.22 Jacob/Rear)
    Bonus tracks:
  12. Things Are Gonna Change Today 2.43 (Jacob/Rear) ["an early song that didn't make it to the album sessions"]
  13. Tiger Tears 3.21 (Jacob/Rear) ["written after the album was completed"]
  14. These Feelings 3.25 (Jacob/Rear) ["written after the album was completed"] (CD-R 11 Aug 2014: RPM001)
Produced by Tony Mansfield and RPM. Recorded 1979-1980 at Strawberry South Studios, engineered by Peter Hammond. Tracks 13-14 recorded at TMC Studios, engineered by Andy Gerius. RPM are Lee Jacob (guitars, backing vocals), Alan Rear (bass, guitar, backing vocals), Geoff Grange (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Clifford Stanbrook (keyboards, guitar) and Alan Moore (drums).

You can order the CD-R here: http://rockandbowl.bigcartel.com/product/all-around-the-world-the-mount-pleasant-tapes
"Another irresistible bootleg from the arts hole! Very rare recordings of R.P.M. produced by Tony Mansfield & remastered from cassettes that were stored & unplayed for years. These tapes contained sessions recorded for Arriva Records between 1979 - 1980 for an album that was never released. Two singles were released from these sessions ''Now That Summers Here" & ''I'm Energy'' and are also featured on this collection. An early version of ''Urban Foxes'' can be found here. This vinyl style CD collection is strictly limited. Faithfully restored & remastered. Analog recording, Digital mastering."

14 Aug 1981 7"/12" Steve Kent: Twelfth House

    Twelfth House 4.15 / Modern Man 3.55 (7": MAM Records, MAMS 212)

    Twelfth House (Extended Version) 5.50 / Modern Man 4.00 (12": MAML 212)

Both sides produced by Tony Mansfield. Side A written by Tony Mansfield, side B written by Falquero/Chiappe/Danino.

13 Nov 1981 7" EP The Damned: Friday 13th EP

    Disco Man / Limit Club // Billy Bad Breaks / Citadel (Nems Records, TRY 1)
'The Damned' is Captain Sensible's group. Music written by Scabies/Sensible/Gray/Vanian (except 'Citadel' by Jagger/Richard). Produced by Tony 'Broozer' Mansfield. All four tracks were included in 1993 on the 'Tales From The Damned' CD (on the US Cleopatra label) which is a compilation of 'The Damned' rarities.

Feb 1982 7"/12" Cool Runners: Play the Game (So you think it funny)

    Play the Game (So you think it funny) / Hawaiian Dream (MCA/MCAT 470)
B-side "produced by R. Trought, P. Tattersall with T. Mansfield".

9 April 1982 7"/12" President President: All Good Men

    All Good Men 3.27 / Skin of the Salamander 4.42 (7": Magnet/WEA, MAG 219)

    All Good Men 6.00 / Skin of the Salamander 4.42 (12": 12MAG 219)

President President are Rod Bowkett and Martin Ansell. Side A produced by Tony Mansfield and Rod Bowkett. Side B produced by Rod Bowkett.

(18 May 2016) digital album THE QUARKS / PRESIDENT PRESIDENT: THE QUARKS (1981- 1991 Recordings)

  1. Mechanical 3.56
  2. All Good Men 3.23
  3. Skin of the Salamander 3.32 ["a recent reworking - the vinyl copy we have is too distorted to use"]
  4. The Beggar and the Blind Girl 3.12 [previously unreleased] [co-produced by Tony]
  5. A Kid in Madrid 3.03 [previously unreleased]
  6. Executive Suite 3.23 [previously unreleased]
  7. Drum in the Earth 4.24 [previously unreleased]
  8. The Russians Are Coming 4.42 [previously unreleased]
  9. Every Husband's Nightmare 2.26 [previously unreleased]
  10. I Spoke to the World 3.18 [previously unreleased]
  11. Mechanical (Extended Version) 7.09 (bonus track)
  12. All Good Men (Extended Version) 6.17 (bonus track)
Martin Ansell told me 28 Nov 2016: "The Beggar and the Blind Girl was produced by Rod Bowkett and Tony Mansfield at Ridge Farm some time in 1982... I will never forget the painstaking time it took to do all the breathy 'ha ha ha's'.... Those were the days when we actually performed... there were no samples.... and Tony was very precise.. bless him... It was great working with Tony... he was always a real gent... and good fun... so was his wife Maria... They also co-produced a track called Rocket Town which was supposed to be our next single.... someone has put it out on youtube as an obscure 80's track... I don't know how they got hold of it!! All the other tracks on the Bandcamp release were produced by Rod Bowkett (an unsung genius in my opinion)..."

Available from http://martinansell.bandcamp.com/album/the-quarks
This is the info from that page: "The Quarks / President President (1981- 1991 Recordings) Martin Ansell: all voices and lyrics and co-writer of the music. Rod Bowkett: all instruments/programming and co-writer of the music. "Rod Bowkett had previously been a member of college favourites Stackridge and had had songwriting success for Diana Ross and Quincy Jones, to name a few - an all round excellent musician, especially on piano and guitar. When they met in 1981, Martin Ansell was working as a session singer for various recording studios and publishers including Rockstar and Intersong. After a couple of meetings their mutual taste for stretching out the creative boundaries of pop led them to write some innovative songs which won them a deal with Magnet records. 'Mechanical' was their first single under the name 'The Quarks '.... a darkly humorous tale of techno paranoia.. it failed to ignite the charts due mainly to the labels' lack of understanding how to promote it (however now with the intervention of the internet the record has achieved cult status). There then followed a name change as the German A and R team felt that Quarks was silly as it was a brand of cheese. After weeks of exhaustive lists the decision was made to rename the group 'President President' and to bring on a known successful producer to record their next single 'All Good Men '.... another tale of paranoia.... this time in the world of private investigation. Once again promotion was poor and the Tony Mansfield produced record sank into oblivion. However Rod and Martin had written and recorded quite a few songs and although they split the group to get free from Magnet records they had another creative burst at the beginning of the 90's. Songs such as 'Drum In The Earth and 'Executive Suite' seemed too good to leave in an attic and so here are a collection of tracks now available for discernable ears."

29 May 1982 7"/12" Search Party: Urban Foxes

    Urban Foxes 4.46 / More 2.34 (7": Magnet, MAG 222)

    Urban Foxes 7.28 / More 2.34 (12": MAG 222)

Search Party are Alan Rear and Lee Jacob from R.P.M. Both sides written by Jacob/Rear, produced by Tony Mansfield.

4 June 1982 7" The Damned: Lovely Money

    Lovely Money 5.18 // I Think I'm Wonderful 2.55 / Lovely Money (Disco Mix) 6.56 (Bronze Records, BRO 149)
Both sides produced by Damned and Tony Mansfield. The single version is available on several different compilation CDs with The Damned. The extended "Disco Mix" version and the B-side are available on the remastered 2005 CD edition of The Damned's "Strawberries" album (Castle Music CMQCD1083).


12 Aug 1982 7"/12" Mari Wilson: Just What I Always Wanted
    Just What I Always Wanted 3.24 / Woe, Woe, Woe (7": The Compact Organization, PINK 4)

    Just What I Always Wanted 4.48 [12" Version] // Are You There (With Another Girl) / Baby It's True (I Can't Stop Myself) (12": PINK X4)

"Just What I Always Wanted" & "Are You There (With Another Girl)" produced by Tony Mansfield. "Woe, Woe, Woe" & "Baby It's True (I Can't Stop Myself)" produced by The Organization.

17 Sep 1982 7"/12" Philip Jap: Total Erasure

    Total Erasure 3.29 / Brave Lights 4.20 (7": A&M, JAP 1)

    Total Erasure 3.35 / Brave Lights 4.20 (12": JAPP 1)

A-side produced by Philip Jap/Jon Field, mixed by Tony Mansfield. B-side produced by Tony Mansfield.

12 Nov 1982 non-album 7"/12" Mari Wilson with the Wilsations: Beware Boyfriend

    Beware Boyfriend / It's Happening (7": The Compact Organization, PINK 5)

    Beware Boyfriend [Single Version] / It's Happening (12": PINK X5)

Side A produced by Tony Mansfield, side B produced by The Organization.

26 Nov 1982 solo/collaboration 7" Planet Ha Ha: Home

    Home 4.35/Home 4.25 (Instrumental) (EMI, 5358)
Planet Ha Ha is Tony Mansfield, Lee Mansfield and Rob Fisher (from Naked Eyes). EMI wanted them to record this single for the movie E.T. 'Lee Mansfield [who sings on Home] said that Planet Ha-Ha were originally to become NEW MUSIK II. Besides 'Home' and 'Finders Keepers' (which was created especially for the BBC Children's TV show) an album's worth of material was recorded, but due to the legal issues pending around Home, EMI delayed releasing the album, and eventually the various members moved on to other projects leaving the recorded tracks in the archives."

Jan 1983 7" John Dark: Silhouette

    Silhouette 3.24 / (instrumental) 3.24 (Zonophone/EMI, Z 35)
Written by John Dark, produced by Tony Mansfield.

Feb 1983 LP MARI WILSON with the Wilsations: SHOWPEOPLE

  1. Wonderful to Be With
  2. The End of the Affair
  3. One Day Is a Lifetime
  4. Dr. Love
  5. Remember Me
  6. Cry Me a River
  1. Just What I Always Wanted
  2. This Time Tomorrow
  3. Are You There (with Another Girl)
  4. I May Be Wrong
  5. Ecstacy [New Version produced by Tony Mansfield]
  6. This Is It? (The Compact Organization COMP 2)
All tracks produced by Tony Mansfield, except "Cry Me a River" produced by Andrew Powell. The LP versions of “Cry Me A River” and “Ecstasy” can only be found on one CD: the very rare French 1991 compilation "Cry Me a River" (Mantra 058)


  1. Wonderful To Be With 4.26 [SHOWPEOPLE, 1983] [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  2. Just What I Always Wanted 3.24 [single 1982/SHOWPEOPLE 1983] [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  3. The End of the Affair 5.14 [SHOWPEOPLE, 1983] [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  4. Are You There with Another Girl? 4.39 [B-side 12" single 1982/SHOWPEOPLE 1983] [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  5. Dr. Love 3.28 [SHOWPEOPLE, 1983] [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  6. This Time Tomorrow 2.58 [SHOWPEOPLE, 1983] [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  7. Remember Me 3.38 [SHOWPEOPLE, 1983] [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  8. One Day Is a Lifetime 4.26 [SHOWPEOPLE, 1983] [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  9. Beware Boyfriend 4.59 [single 1982] [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  10. I May Be Wrong 3.16 [SHOWPEOPLE, 1983] [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  11. Use Him 3.55 [produced by Tot Taylor]
  12. Love and Learn 2.45 [produced by Tot Taylor]
  13. This Is It 6.00 [SHOWPEOPLE, 1983] [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  14. Tu no me llores 3.26 [produced by Andrew Powell]
  15. Let's Make This Last 5.00 [unique version] [single 1984] [produced by Tony Mansfield] (PIPCD 034)
  1. Just What I Always Wanted 3.24 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  2. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps 2.32
  3. Love Man 2.25
  4. Dance Card 2.35
  5. Beat the Beat 3.45
  6. Baby It's True 4.34
  7. Wonderful To Be With 4.24 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  8. The End of the Affair 5.13 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  9. One Day Is a Lifetime 4.26 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  10. Dr. Love 3.28 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  11. Remember Me 3.38 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  12. This Time Tomorrow 2.59 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  13. Are You There with Another Girl? 4.38 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  14. I May Be Wrong 3.16 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  15. Beware Boyfriend 4.58 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  16. Ecstacy 3.12
  17. This Is It 5.58 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  18. Would You Dance with a Stranger 2.07
  19. The Love Thing 5.03
  20. Cry Me A River (Tu No Me Lores) 3.27 (UK CD 8 Oct 2007: Warner Platinum 5051442456028)
  1. Save Us 3.20 [produced by Trevor Horn] [also as single b/w 'Oui/Ja' 2.53]
  2. Sand 3.16 [produced by Colin Thurston]
  3. Venue 2.55 [produced by Colin Thurston]
  4. Junp Crew 3.06 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  5. Jap 3.02 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  1. Brain Dance 2.58 [produced by Trevor Horn]
  2. Red Dogs 2.55 [produced by Colin Thurston] [also as single b/w '100 Japanese Babies' 2.00]
  3. Brave Lights 4.13 [produced by Colin Thurston]
  4. Glass House 3.25 [produced by Colin Thurston]
  5. Death in a Tin Junk 4.20 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  6. Total Erasure 3.29 [produced by Tony Mansfield] (AMLH 68557)
All songs written and arranged by Philip Jap. Vocals: Philip Jap. Drums: Phil Towner, Graham Broad, Paul Crowder. Percussion: Jon Field, Paul Crowder. Guitar: Malcom McKenna. Keyboards: Simon Butt, Duncan Jackson (on 'Jap'), Anne Dudley (on 'Save Us' and 'Brain Dance'). Backing vocals: Adrienne Amor, Gary England, Colin Thurston.

May 1983 7" Philip Jap: Brain Dance

    Brain Dance 3.00 / Smart 5.15 (A&M, AM 110)
A-side produced by Trevor Horn, B-side produced by Tony Mansfield.

May 1983 7"/12" Mari Wilson with the Wilsations: Wonderful

    Wonderful [= Wonderful to Be With] [Edit?] / I May Be Wrong [Album Version?] (7": The Compact Organization, PINK 7)

    Wonderful (Long Version) [= Album Version ?] // I May Be Wrong [Album Version?] / One Day Is a Lifetime (Remix by The Organization) (12": PINK X7)

3 June 1983 7"/12" Aztec Camera: Walk out to Winter
    Walk out to Winter [Tony Mansfield Single Remix] 3.49 / Set the Killing Free (7": Rough Trade, RT 132)

    Walk out to Winter (Tony Mansfield Extended Version) 7.46 / Set the Killing Free (12": RT 132T)

Originally appeared on Aztec Camera's LP High Land, Hard Rain, but without any involvement by Tony. The B-side has no involvement by Tony. The single remix appears on the German CD-Maxi Somewhere in My Heart from 1988, on the promo-only CD-collection 'Retrospect', and on the 2014 deluxe 2-CD of High Land, Hard Rain. The Extended Version appears on the remastered 2012 CD & 2014 deluxe 2-CD of High Land, Hard Rain. A longer (9.12) Extended Version appears on a 1993 Japanese-only CD called 'Covers & Rare'.

June (?) 1983 various artists charity 2-LP LET THE CHILDREN PLAY

This track produced by Tony Mansfield, written by Martin Ansell. Martin Ansell told me this intersting background story 28 Nov 2016: "He [Tony Mansfield] tried to persuade EMI to put it out as a single...he believed it could be an international hit.... They didn't agree. It ended up on an anti nuclear compilation called 'Let the children play ' along side Peter Gabriel,Tom Robinson and other highly esteemed artists...destined for the bargain bins.... I have recently put a video on YouTube of 'Flagday'... I was always very proud of the track and I love the video that Stuart Wilson put together for it."

15 July 1983 7" Martin Ansell: I'll Be in the Jungle

    I'll Be in the Jungle 3.28 [Ansell] / Albania 5.17 [Ansell/Tony Mansfield] (Magnet Music/EMI 5402)
Both sides produced by Tony Mansfield.

4 Nov 1983 7"/12" Wendy Wu: Let Me Go

    Let Me Go / Love Tonight (7": EPIC A 3834)

    Let Me Go (Long version) / Love Tonight (12": TA 3834)

Both sides produced by Tony Mansfield.

1984 7"/12" Nat King Cool and the Cool Runners: Checking Out

    Checking Out 5.19 / Checking Out (Instrumental) // Satellite Music (UK 12": Tai Wan Records TWD 1949)
Side A produced by Nat King Cool, Nick Straker and Tony Mansfield.

Some labels from 1982 say only Nick Straker etc was involved, while some later labels mention Tony as "produced by [...] with Tony Mansfield". I asked Lee Mansfield, he replied: "As far as I recall Tony was only involved in as much as helping out with demos etc. I don't *think* he produced anything that would have been released."

April 1984 12" EP The Rescue: Messages

    Messages 4.23 [Paul McGovern] / Images 4.36 [Paul McGovern] //
    Tell Me Now 4.08 [McGovern] / Long Look 3.32 [McGovern/Tim McGeary] / When the Talking Is Over 4.08 [McGeary] (A&M Records, SP-12507)

    Tell Me Now 3.49/When the Talking Is Over 3.50 (7": A&M, AM191)

Tim McGeary - bass and vocals; Paul McGovern - guitar and vocals; Michael Gross - Guitar and Saxophone; Vincent Piazza - keyboards; Bobby Siems - drums. Produced by Tony Mansfield. Fairlight programmed and played by Tony Mansfield. Recorded at Blue Rock Studios, New York, with Michael Ewasco; Sarm East, London, with Stuart Brice; Eden Studio, London, with Juliet Bowen and Phil Vinyall.

6 July 1984 7"/12" Yip Yip Coyote: Pioneer Girl

    Pioneer Girl [Carl Evans] / Last Train [Evans/White] (7": Illegal Music I.R.S., YIP2)

    Pioneer Girl (Prairie Mix) // Pioneer Girl / Last Train (12": YIPX 2)

Both sides produced by Tony Mansfield.

9 July 1984 7"/12" Vicious Pink: CCCan't You See...

    CCCan't You See 3.29 / 8:15 to Nowhere 2.48 (7": Parlophone R 6074)

    Cccan't You See (French Extended Mix) 7.15 // Cccan't You See 3.29 / 8:15 to Nowhere/Great Balls of Fire 4.53 (12": 12R 6074)

    Cccan't You See (7" Version) 4.06 / (12" Dub) 5.16 //
    (7" DJ Mix/Master Mix) 4.05 / (12" effects) / 8:15 to Nowhere/Great Balls of Fire 4.53 (12": 12RA 6074)

    (2x12" 12R 6074+12RA 6074: 12RD 6074)

Side A was recorded at Farmyard Studios in Buckihnghamshire in Sep 1983. The two B-sides were recorded later in 1983 at Eden Studios, London.

A Canadian various artists 3-CD "HARDEST HITS" features "CCCan't You See (Extended Version) 8.10, which is a bit longer than the French Extended Mix.

In the 7" DJ Mix ('Master Mix') Tony had split the tracks to separate the drums from the rest of the instruments, allowing DJs to mix in and out at will.

There is a longer "Xtrabeat Mix" version of 8:15 to Nowhere available on this 2-CD/digital album: http://www.discogs.com/Raphael-Krickow-Welcome-To-The-Robots-Volume-1-The-Electro-Pioneers/release/3713971. I don't know when or where this version was first released.

autumn 1984 planned LP VICIOUS PINK: BLUE

Vicious Pink recorded an entire LP with Tony in the summer of 1984 (see the alphabetical list above), but it was not released. Brian Moss (of Vicious Pink) emailed me 13 June 2000, telling me this story: "I can remember recording the VP album at Ridge Farm studios in Capel near Dorking. Jose and I had a great time with Tony [Mansfield], Rob [Fisher], Pete [Byrne], Jools the engineer, Frank the studio owner, Speedy Kean {Thunderclap newman} and many more! It was the summer of 84' with nine weeks of laughter and many visits to the local pub! to drink our favorite beer Old Rodger!!! After the pub we would do some more recording or get into party mode! Once I nearly set Tony's BMW on fire trying to charge my radio controled truck up!!".

Brian told me 25 May 2012: "We did have a rough track list, but I don't have it. We wrote a short story for the album too, that's missing, it's possible that Tony still has them".

Only a couple of singles were released after this (see entries at Feb & May 1985 and 24 Jan 1986) plus a Canadian LP in 1986 with the singles plus some remixes. More recently Brian put up his site at myspace http://www.myspace.com/viciouspinkofficial where you can hear some of the unreleased tracks.

Sep 1984 non-album 7"/12" Mari Wilson: Let's Make This Last

    Let's Make This Last (De Lorean Style Mix) 4.37 / Let's Make This Last (Stereo Shift Mix) 2.36 (7": The Compact Organization, PINK 9)

    Let's Make This Last (De Lorean Style Mix) 4.37 //
    Let's Make This Last (A Bit Longer) (Stereo Shift Mix Loop One) (Extended) / Let's Make This Last (A Bit Longer) (Stereo Shift Mix Loop Two) (Suspended) 2.36 [= Stereo Shift Mix] (12": PINKX 9)

    Let's Make This Last (Club Mix) / Let's Make This Last (Radio Mix) (DJ 12": PINDJ9)

Produced by Tony Mansfield. According to Mari Wilson's official site, there was a "1984 unreleased second album", and I assume that this single was part of that project.
Back of 7" sleeve: "On the Aside is a De Lorean style mix of Let's Make This Last with all the trimmings. It pulls no punches and asks no questions. Color it pink. On the B side is a different presentation of the song in moving stereo as edited by Dave Moore. Blue is the color. Made by Men & Machines with reckless guitar solo by Colin Ryan."
Back of 12" sleeve: "On the A-side is a De Lorean style mix of Let's Make This Last with all the trimmings. It pulls no punches and asks no questions. Color it pink. On the reverse side are 2 different presentations of the song. Loop 1 is extended. Loop 2 is suspended. Both are edited by Dave Moore. Blue is the color. Made by Men & Machines with reckless guitar solo by Colin Ryan."

19 Oct 1984 European/UK 7"/12" Take On Me [Tony Mansfield version]

    Take On Me [Tony Mansfield 7" version] 3.10 / And You Tell Me 1.48 (European 7": Warner Bros. Records, 929 146-7)

    Take On Me [Tony Mansfield 12" version] 3.50 // And You Tell Me 1.48 / Stop! And Make Your Mind Up 3.00 (European 12": 920 268-0)

Recorded/produced June-July 1984 at Eel Pie Studios, London. Produced by Tony Mansfield & remixed by John Ratcliff with A-ha, except 'Stop! And Make Your Mind Up' produced by A-ha with John Ratcliff.

(28 Oct 1985) LP (+ CD) A-HA: HUNTING HIGH AND LOW

  1. Take on Me 3.46 [Alan Tarney 7" version] [produced by Alan Tarney]
  2. Train of Thought 4.11 [produced by Tony Mansfield, remixed by John Ratcliff with A-ha]
  3. Hunting High and Low 3.43 [produced by Tony Mansfield, remixed by John Ratcliff]
  4. The Blue Sky 2.22 [produced by Tony Mansfield, remixed by John Ratcliff with A-ha]
  5. Living a Boy's Adventure Tale 5.00 [produced by Tony Mansfield, remixed by John Ratcliff]

  6. The Sun Always Shines on T.V. 5.06 [produced by Alan Tarney]
  7. And You Tell Me 1.51 [produced by Tony Mansfield, remixed by John Ratcliff with A-ha]
  8. Love Is Reason 3.04 [produced by John Ratcliff with A-Ha]
  9. I Dream Myself Alive 3.06 [produced by Tony Mansfield, remixed by John Ratcliff with A-ha]
  10. Here I Stand and Face the Rain 4.30 [produced by Tony Mansfield, remixed by John Ratcliff with A-ha] (European LP/CD/MC: Warner Bros. Records 925 300-1/2/4)
The tracks that Tony produced were recorded June-July 1984 at Eel Pie Studios, London. CD 4 is interesting because as far as I understand, these are all the seven tracks that Tony produced before any other producer tampered with them.

Feb 1985 double A-sided 7"/12" Vicious Pink: Fetish/Spooky

    Fetish 3.18 / Spooky 3.17 (UK 7": Parlophone, PINK 1)

    Fetish (Extended Version) 6.17 / Spooky 3.17 (UK 12": 12 PINK 1)

Both tracks originally produced by Tony Mansfield but remixed by John 'Tokes' Potoker before its release.

May 1985 remix 7"/12" Vicious Pink: CCCan't You See (Remix)

    Cccan't You See (Re-mixxx by Bert Bevans) 3.18 / Blue (Love Mix) 3.14 (?) (UK 7": Parlophone RX 6074)

    Cccan't You See (Exxxtended Mixxx by Bert Bevans) 6.02 // Blue (Love Mix) 3.14 / The Spaceship Is over There 4.18 (UK 12": Parlophone 12RX 6074)

Blue is actually a version of CCCan't You See.

24 Jan 1986 7"/12" Vicious Pink: Take Me Now

    Take Me Now 3.57 / Always Hoping 3.53 (7": Parlophone, PINK 3)

    Take Me Now (extended version) 6.18 // I Confess 3.56 / Always Hoping 3.53 (12": 12 PINK 3)

'Always Hoping' produced by Tony Mansfield, 'I Confess' produced by Tony Mansfield and re-mixed by Gary Moberley, 'Take Me Now' produced by Gary Moberley.

1986 Canadian/Spanish coll-LP (+ CD) VICIOUS PINK [SINGLES COLLECTION 1984-1986]

  1. Cccan't You See 3.29 [single 7/84]
  2. Spooky 3.17 [double A-sided single 2/85]
  3. The Spaceship Is Over There 4.18 [B-side 12" CCCan't You See (Remix) 5/85]
  4. Blue (Love Mix) 3.19 [B-side 12" CCCan't You See (Remix) 5/85]
  5. Fetish 3.18 [double A-sided single 2/85]
  1. Take Me Now 3.57 [single 1/86]
  2. Always Hoping 3.53 [B-side Take Me Now]
  3. 8:15 to Nowhere / Great Balls of Fire 4.53 [B-side 12" CCCan't You See 7/84]
  4. Cccan't You See (Exxx-tended Re-mixxx) 6.02 [= "Exxxtended Mixxx" by Bert Bevans, 12" 5/85] (Canadian LP: Capitol Records ST-06546)
  1. Cccan't You See 3.29 [single 7/84]
  2. Spooky 3.17 [double A-sided single 2/85]
  3. The Spaceship Is Over There 4.18 [B-side 12" CCCan't You See (Remix) 5/85]
  4. Blue (Love Mix) 3.19 [B-side 12" CCCan't You See (Remix) 5/85]
  5. Fetish 3.18 [double A-sided single 2/85]
  6. Take Me Now 3.57 [single 1/86]
  7. Always Hoping 3.53 [B-side Take Me Now]
  8. 8:15 to Nowhere / Great Balls of Fire 4.53 [B-side 12" CCCan't You See 7/84]
  9. Cccan't You See (Exxx-tended Re-mixxx) 6.02 [= "Exxxtended Mixxx" by Bert Bevans, 12" 5/85]
  10. Cccan't You See (French Extended Mix) 7.15 [12" Mix 7/84]
  11. Cccan't You See (Re-mixxx) 3.18 [single 5/85]
  12. Cccan't You See (7" Version) 4.06
  13. Cccan't You See (7" DJ Mix / Master Mix) 4.05
  14. Fetish (Extended Mix / Feteeesh) 6.17
  15. Take Me Now (Extended Version) 6.18
  16. I Confess 3.56 [B-side 12" Take Me Now] (UK CD 18 June 2012: Cherry Pop, CRPOP 101)
(1988) Belgian 12"/CDS Vicious Pink: 8:15 to Nowhere
  1. 8:15 to Nowhere 2.48
  2. The Spaceship Is over There 4.18 (SLD Records Company, LD 8818/8818 CD)
This early unfinished version was more or less produced by Tony, I guess around autumn/late 1985, because the finished version of this track was released on The Cleaners from Venus' LP 'Living with Victoria Grey' in April 1986. The liner notes in the CD booklet for this track says: "Done at 3 a.m. in a very expensive studio, Ridge Farm in Sussex. Keyboards are by Clive Gates of New Musik. Recorded by Tony Phillips. Supervised, if not produced by Tony Mansfield, who thought it might be a hit song. Captain Sensible had fallen asleep in the control room. We never finished it. That's why it's only got a guide vocal on it."


  1. Summer of Love 4.03 [additional production and re-mix by Shep Pettibone]
  2. Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland 4.22 [additional production by Shep Pettibone]
  3. Housework 4.04
  4. Detour thru Your Mind 5.06
  5. Wig 4.22
  6. Theme for a Nude Beach 4.50
  7. Ain't It a Shame 5.30
  8. Juicy Jungle 4.50
  9. Communicate 4.08
  10. She Brakes for Rainbows 4.41 (US LP: WB Records, 1-25504; CD: Island, 258 380)
The B52 double-CD anthology 'Nude on the Moon' contains six tracks from this album, including two slightly shorter versions of 'Ain't It a Shame' and 'Theme for a Nude Beach' (remastered and improved sound quality). Paolo Pardo sent me an excerpt of the liner notes: "Sessions for the band's fourth album, Bouncing off the Satellites, began in the summer of '85 with producer Tony Mansfield, who had produced the likes of A-Ha and Naked Eyes and was a whiz with the Fairlight, a state-of-the-art sampling keyboard used extensively on the album. Guitarist Ricky Wilson died suddenly in October 1985, so the group was too bereaved to tour in support of the album. Additionally, the band's label neglected to promote it, and the gems of 'Bouncing off the Satellites' were lost...".

Tony's own (unreleased) 4 min 33 sec version of 'Summer of Love' was issued in June 1998 on a collection CD 'THE B-52's: TIME CAPSULE - Song for a Future Generation' (Reprise/Warner, 9362-46995-2). This is Tony's original unreleased mix, recorded in July 1985.

20 Feb 1987 7"/12" Eight Point Five: Mary

    Mary 4.32 / I Can't Get You out of My Head 4.39 (7": Epic/CBS, 650 356-7/6)

    Mary (extended version) 5.37 // Mary 4.32 / I Can't Get You out of My Head 4.39 (12": EPC 650 356-6 )

"Mary" produced by Tony Mansfield, "I Can't Get You out of My Head" produced by Eight Point Five. Both songs written by Volodia/Dimitri.

late 1987 LP/CD BOSÉ: XXX

  1. Big City 5.51 [M. Cinelu/A. Rear]
  2. The Eighth Wonder 5.03 [Martin Ansell]
  3. Lay Down on Me 4.01 [M.Bosé/G.Vanni/C.D'Onofrio/P.Costa/M.Tazzi/M.Ogletree/A.Rear]
  4. Big Fun 3.14 [G. Clark]
  5. New Tracks in the Dust 6.37 [M. Bosé/C. Marrale/A. Rear]

  6. Want You More 4.54 [H. Valentin/R. Johan]
  7. My Perfect Lover 4.27 [M. Bosé/E. Feliciati/S. Melone/Troy Tate]
  8. Seems Like It's Midnight Forever 4.55 [M. Bosé/E. Feliciati/A. Fornili/A. Rear]
  9. Over My Head 3.58 [A.Rear/G.Vanni/C.D'Onofrio/P.Costa/M.Tazzi/M.Ogletree]
  10. The Hurt Party 4.38 [M. Bosé/E. Feliciati/S. Melone/A. Rear]
    (CD: WEA, 255 386-2)
Produced by Tony Mansfield. Miguel Bosé: lead vocals. Tony Mansfield: keyboards, guitar. Rob Fisher: keyboards. Clive Gates: keyboards. John Read: bass guitar. Carlo Marrale: guitar. Chris Smith Jnr: trumpet and flugel horn. Martin Dobson: sax.

Iván Suárez kindly shared a link 4 May 2017 to New Musik fb discussion group of an old Spanish TV interview (apparently this interview took place 4 Nov 1987) about the recording of this LP at Ridge Farm. The program starts at 25:37, the interviews start at 29:55.

April 1988 7"/12" Bosé: Lay Down on Me

    Lay Down on Me (4.01?) / Como un lobo (7": WEA YZ 183)

    Lay Down on Me (Extended Version) // Como un lobo / Seems Like It's Midnight Forever (12": YZ 183 T)

Gary Shipes informed me: "Supposedly, Ms. Bertei recorded an entire album with Tony, but according to an article I read at the time, they absolutely DESPISED each other and she shelved it and moved back to the U.S. where she made this album. "Green Suit" is credited to Bertei/Mansfield and is very much a Tony song with lots of great chord changes and tricky contrapuntal bleeps and squiggles. However, the production by Ian Prince [or Gary Spaniola?] is generic and waters down what could have been an epiphanic Tony moment".

Sep 1988 7"/12" Claude Sabbah: Hard Times (Need the Kiss of Life)

    Hard Times (Need the Kiss of Life) 3.42 / Claude Sabbah 4.20 (7": Serious, 7FRENCH 1; reissue 7" Feb 1989: Castle Communications, PYS 21)

    Hard Times (Need the Kiss of Life) 6.05 / Claude Sabbah 6.48 (12": Serious, FRENCH 1; reissue 12" Feb 1989: Castle Communications, PYT 21)

Both tracks written by Tony Mansfield/Claude Sabbah and produced by Tony Mansfield.

30 Jan 1989 7"/12"/CDM Jean Paul Gaultier: How to Do That

    How to Do That (In a New Way) 3.38 (French 1-sided 7": Fontana 872 422-7; UK 1-sided 7": Mercury MER 277)

    How to Do That (In a New Way) 3.45 / How To Do That (In a New Way) (Acid Version) 4.04 (German 7": Mercury/Teutonic Beats 872 726-7)

    How to Do That (In a New Way) (Remix) 6.37 / How to Do That (In a New Way) (Video Mix) 3.38 (French 1-sided 12": Fontana 872 423-1)

    How to Do That (In a New Way) (Remix) 6.37 //
    How to Do That (In a New Way) 3.45 / How To Do That (In a New Way) (Acid Version) 4.04 (German 12": Mercury/Teutonic Beats 872 727-1)

    How to Do That (In a New Way) (Remix) 6.37 / How to Do That (In a New Way) (Video Mix) 3.38 (UK 12": Mercury MERX 277)

  1. How to Do That (In a New Way) (Video Mix) 3.38
  2. How to Do That (In a New Way) (Remix) 8.48 [most likely a typo, it should be 6.36]
  3. How to Do That (In a New Way) (Acid Version) 4.04 (French CD-maxi: Fontana 872 423-2; UK CD-maxi: MERCD 277)
  1. How to Do That (In a New Way) (Remix) 6.36
  2. How to Do That (In a New Way) 3.45
  3. How to Do That (In a New Way) (Acid Version) 4.03 (German CD-maxi: Mercury 872 727-2)
Produced by Tony Mansfield. "In December 1986, the meeting with Tony Mansfield is decisive and the idea of "House Couture" is created." (from UK promo 12" info sheet)


  1. Don't Do That 5.05 (mixed by Norman Cook)
  2. Noisy 3.56 (remixed by J.J. Jeczalik)
  3. Do2 4.12 (remixed by G. Shilling)
  4. It's Crazy with an Accordeon 2.18 (mixed by Tony Mansfield)
  5. What Will I Do with That 5.09 (mixed by Marc Saunders)
  6. Do It Again 4.55 (remix by Tony Moran)
  7. How To Do That (in a new way) 3.39 (produced by Tony Mansfield)
  8. Technic Idea 4.16 (mixed by Morton, Sherman and Bellucci)
  9. Jacques Lacan Deconstruction Mix 6.00 (remixed by David Dorrell)
  10. Rai It 3.38 (written by Djamel Ben-Yelles, chorus from 'Raï Derli' [Cheb Kader], recorded and mixed by Jean Lamoot/Herve Colin)
  11. How To Drum It 4.43 (remixed by Mantronik)
  12. How To Mix That 4.15 (remixed by The Sleepers) (CD: Mercury, 838271-1/2)
12 June 1989 French 7"/CDM Lio: Tu Es Formidable
    Tu Es Formidable 3.15 / Malaise Sur La Falaise 3.44 (7": Polydor, 889 588-7)
  1. Tu Es Formidable 3.15 (Produced and mixed by Tony Mansfield)
  2. Tu Es Formidable 3.14 (Produced and mixed by Manu Guiot/Jannick Top)
  3. Tu Es Formidable 3.13 (Produced by Michel Esteban/Yann Lecker) (CD-maxi: 889 589-2)
Tu Es Formidable was recorded, played, produced and mixed by Tony Mansfield. Only the first track/version is produced by Tony. It was originally included on Lio's 1988 'Cancan' album, but produced by Michel Esteban & Yann Leker. Tony then remixed it for a single release in 1989. The album was re-issued on CD in Nov 2005 (http://www.zerecords.com/release.php?id=406) and Tony's single remix is included as an extra track.

July 1989 7"/12" Thunderclap 2: Something in the Air

    Something in the Air (Trax/Filmtrax Records, 7": 7TX 9, 12": 12TX 9)

18 Sep 1989 French 7"/CDM Mader: En Résumé... En Conclusion

    En Résumé... En Conclusion 3.42 / Nada La Vie 3.59 (7": Polydor, 889 836-7)
  1. En Résumé... En Conclusion 3.42 [Edit? New Mix?]
  2. Nada La Vie 3.59
  3. En Résumé... En Conclusion (Mix Tony Mansfield) 4.17 [LP version?] (CD-maxi: 889 837-2)
  1. Voice of America 4.23
  2. Empreintes Digitales 3.51 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  3. Destination Nulle Part 4.25 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  4. Le Maitre Du Jeu 4.42 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  5. Dixieland 3.37 [produced by Tony Mansfield]

  6. En Résumé... En Conclusion 4.17 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  7. Nada La Vie 3.59
  8. La Fille Du War Show 1.38
  9. Voice of America (Part II) 4.28 [produced by Tony Mansfield ?]
  10. Hard and Soft 5.05 [produced by Tony Mansfield] (Polydor 841 175-1/2/4)
Fairlight programming (and production as indicated above) by Tony Mansfield. The 1991 reissue CD (Polydor 849 208-2) replaced track 9 "Voice of America (Part II)" with the 1991 single "L'Amour Sans Les Autres".

7 May 1990 French 7"/CDM Mader: Dixieland

    Dixieland 3.37 / Le Maitre Du Jeu 4.42 (7": Polydor, 877 244-7)
  1. Dixieland 3.37
  2. Le Maitre Du Jeu 4.42
  3. La Fille Du War Show 1.38 (CD-maxi: 877 245-2)
Dixieland & Le Maitre Du Jeu produced by Tony Mansfield.

1992 French various artists CD/2-LP PUR - Paris Union Recording

This track (track 13) was written by Claude Sabbah/Tony Mansfield, produced by Tony Mansfield for [his own label] "100% Love".

1992 UK promo 12" The 2: Lovin' You

    Lovin' You / We Is 1 (label: 100% Love)
Side A is a cover of Minnie Riperton's "Lovin' You". This was the only release on Tony's own "100% Love" label. Info from Lee Mansfield (Tony's brother) 22 March 2000: "This was one of Tony's favourite productions. It was just released on his own label 100% Love as a dance white label. It got played quite a lot on Kiss FM (dance radio station here in the UK)"

June 1994 CDM Duke: New Beginning

  1. New Beginning 3.53 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  2. Total Intervention [produced by Duke and Robison]
  3. New Beginning (Ramp Club Mix) [remixed by Ramp]
  4. New Beginning (Ramp Street Mix) [remixed by Ramp] (CDM: VSCDG 1497)
  1. Make Believeland [produced by Duke]
  2. Sanctified Woman [produced by Duke]
  3. New Beginning 3.53 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  4. Leave the Ground [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  5. I'll Be [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  6. So in Love with You 4.11 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  7. Ain't No Sunshine [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  8. Magic Castle [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  9. 10 Commandments of Love [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  10. Love Celebration [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  11. Monumental Love Thing [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  12. Welcome Back [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  13. Communication [produced by Tony Mansfield]
Sep 1994 CDM Duke: So in Love with You
  1. So in Love with You 4.11 [produced by Tony Mansfield]
  2. So in Love with You (Pizzaman House Vocal) 7.37 [remixed by The Pizzaman]
  3. From Alaska to Mombasa 3.27 [produced by Duke]
  4. Destiny 3.37 [produced by Duke] (CDM: VSCDG 1504)
Kotori: production, computer & synthesizer programming, acoustic guitar, backing vocals by Tony Mansfield. Bass by Tony Hibbert. Slowly: production, computer & synthesizer programming, electric guitar by Tony Mansfield. Bass by Tony Hibbert. Tony appears courtesy of 100% Love Record. Special thanks to Tony, Maria, Charley and Henry Mansfield.

Kotori is a wonderful and laid back song, full of New Musik tricks a la 1980. Slowly has more rhythm and speed but still very enjoyable. Both songs feature samples from various old New Musik songs and if you took Yusa-san's vocals away, you'd have New Musik.

27 Oct 1995 Japanese CD NICE MUSIC: POP RATIO

This track: additional production, remix & programming by Tony Mansfield for SJP. Additional programming Rob Fisher. (Mimori Yusa's producer Takashi Sotoma introduced Tony to Nice Music.)

9 April 1996 UK CDM Denim: It Fell off the Back of a Lorry

31 July 1996 Japanese/UK various artists tribute CD THE SONGS OF CHAGE & ASKA: ONE VOICE COMPILATION
This track produced by Phil Chill/Tony Mansfield. I can not hear any Mansfield in it at all!


  1. Puntos cardinales 4.20
  2. Partir 3.17
  3. Flor Carnívora 4.54
  4. No estás 4.04
  5. A contratiempo (Bottomless) 4.38
  6. Como Tú 3.36
  7. Tal para cual 3.23
  8. Te He Querido Tanto 4.04
  9. Como sueñan las sirenas 3.59
  10. De ja que llueva 4.35 (MBG, 74321-50225-2)
Produced by Tony Mansfield. Rob Fisher: keyboards, piano, additional programming. Clive Gates: keyboards. Tony Mansfield: guitars, keyboards. Plus more musicians.

17 Dec 1997 Japanese/UK CD PULSE: PULSE

Recorded 9-18 Oct 1997. Tony recorded his vocals in the Metropolis Studio 17 Oct 1997. All songs written by Steve Jansen and Yukihiro Takahashi, all lyrics by Steve Jansen. There are two (tiny) photos of Tony wearing headphones in the booklet.


The seven tracks listed above were produced by Tony Mansfield, who is also credited on these for editing and programming, as well as for guitars and keyboards (Rob Fisher is also credited for keyboards on those tracks). Tony is also credited for producing the strings section on "Coming Home". Comments from Emmanuel Goedseels: 'This is not a classic 'New Musik Sound' but more in the vain of what Trevor Horn did for Seal. Very good and pure production.'

14 July 2000 CDM Brainstorm: My Star

  1. My Star 3.00
  2. My Star (instrumental) 3.00
  3. Ain't It Funny 3.35 (Microphone Records, 0724 3 888604 2)
1-2 produced by Tony Mansfield. Thanks to Richard Maycock for providing the EMI press release dated March 27th 2000: "Tony Mansfield (whose previous work includes with A-ha, the B-52s e.t.c.,) produced "My Star" in Jacob's Studios, London, England. The first time Tony heard the song it was sung in Latvian and it captured his imagination, even though he didn't understand what it was about! "But when I read the English lyrics I thought the song is really good. I am a mood person basically," Tony said. "Lyrics are important, but the mood and spirit of the song is more important and I felt a Great Spirit." Cutting the track was an intense experience and the final version was made in couple of days. Several hours before the production was completed Tony felt good about the result: "Everybody from the band seems pleased with their instrumental contributions and I added the computer work. I think this record is now the best mixture of both worlds." Brainstorm say they would love to continue their co-operation with Tony Mansfield, describing him very enthusiastic, optimistic and kind: "Tony really, really loves music, that's very important. It's also the reason Brainstorm loves Tony," said Reynard."

2 Aug 2000 Japanese 2-CD TAKAFUMI SOTOMA: ST. BIKA

Vocal and background vocals on "St. Bika" & "Here in the Sky" by Tony Mansfield. Words on 'Here in the Sky" by Takafumi Sotoma & Tony Mansfield. Gary Shipes told me about the second disc: "This copy has a bonus CD called "Radio St. Bika" that is about 28 individual snippets of songs and ideas from the main CD. Tony does a remix of one of the songs (billed as "the Tony Mansfield remix") [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o20iveb6RXI&feature=youtu.be] and even does more vocals than on the original."

autumn 2001 Latvian CDS Brainstorm: Maybe

  1. Maybe (Radio Edit) 3.59
  2. Maybe (Album Edit) 4.08
  3. Maybe (Instrumental) 4.14 (CD-single: Microphone Records, MRCX 026)
  1. It Is Easy
  2. Online
  3. Maybe
  4. She's My Love
  5. Waterfall
  6. Space Detective Story
  7. Hide on the Moon
  8. The Kitten Who Did Not Want to Give Up
  9. Heart's Desire
  10. Babynight
  11. My Mission (EMI/Microphone Records MRCD 161)
http://www.brainstorm.lv. Sold through http://www.balticshop.com.
Gary Shipes reviewed this CD 25 Feb 2002: "Tony's production is fine, just don't be expecting the usual New Musik tricks. He's let the band's own sound breathe, with occasional programming and guitar strums that could only come from the Master's touch. Keyboards are original but not the sonar pings and synth strings that have made his reputation. Great lyrics, vocals and musicianship make "Online" a must for the devoted Tony follower. Highly recommended. Gary in Florida."

2002 unreleased demo C.P: Something Better

2002 unreleased demo C.P: Safe

Videos available on youtube

Both are a rough demo version produced by Tony Mansfield. "Composed, music-lyrics by Charalambos Potamitis. Produced sample by Tony Mansfield (UK) 2002 Demo version (Promo)."

Copyright (c) 1996-11-09 Jonas Wårstad.

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