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This is their Spanish speaking version of "They All Run after the Carving Knife" fron ANYWHERE.

1983 US 12" X Visitors: The Planet Doesn't Mind

    The Planet Doesn't Mind (Vocal) 3.59 / The Planet Doesn't Mind (Instrumental) 4.48 //
    The Planet Doesn't Mind (Club Remix) 7.30 (US 12": Dancing Bear Records DB 0001)
Produced by Diane Dragon for Sutra Records New York City. A member, Chris Arevalo, emailed me March 16th 2000: "my name is Chris Arevalo. during 1982, i was playing in a top 40 band called ROJAS in san jose, california. i also worked in a record store called star records which was owned by diane dragone. during that time, the hottest song in that area was the remix of planet doesnt mind. we would order around 20 copies and it would be gone within the hour. it became hard to find a copy. diane dragone presented the song to my band, and at first the band was skeptical about redoing the song, but i convinced them to re record it. we recorded it in a 24 track studio in san jose. i played 75% of the recording. i paid a programmer to create most of the sounds on my keyboards. some of the sounds we couldn't create so we used tuned glasses of water to create the beginning sounds. that was really fun (yeah right!) even though diane dragone named the project x-visitors, we still used the rojas name when we played the song live. our version did very well in major cities, and was one of most requested songs on KMEL in san francisco, became a minor dance hit. one more thing, people are willing to pay up to 50 dollars for a copy of both the new musik or the x-visitors version. every so often, a dj would add it to their mix. i didnt get paid much of doing the keyboard work, but during that time the band i was with was getting popular for recording it. oh by the way, the lead singer who sang is named david taylor. we tried to make him sound english. the sessions were really funny in some ways. one more note....after we couldn't get anymore import copies. the store started making lists of customers who wanted the remix. i believe we had thousands of customers on sheets of paper. when the x-visitors version came out, only Star Records ( the store i worked at) had the copies. I only wish to thank Tony Mansfield for writing "The Planet" His album "Warp" inspired me greatly, and his production was awesome.

1989 Belgian 12"/CDM Twice of Love: 24 Hours from Culture

    24 Hours from Culture (Enjoy Mix) 5.50 / The Birth 5.04 (12": Who's That Beat? WHOS 13; CD-maxi: WHOS 13 CD)
Quite close to the original version.


A quite chaotic version!

July 2004 Belgian CD-single Second Life: Luxury

I got an email on 24 July 2004: "my name is Robin,i play in a band called Second Life, and we released our new single in Belgium, Luxury, check the website www.second-life.be"

5 Nov 2008 Japanese CD ORWELL: LE GÉNIE HUMAIN

The French band Orwell, headed by Jérôme Didelot, also did a close-to-the-original acoustic cover version of 'On Islands', which was included as an extra track on the Japanese CD edition of their album "Le Génie Humain". http://www.airplanelabel.com/cdlists/ap1036.html & www.myspace.com/orwellfrenchband & www.orwellmusic.com. Jérôme Didelot told me 16 Nov 2008: "I've recorded this acoustic version with my young nieces at the time I wanted to put up a whole album of acoustic covers of 80's classic songs. Finally I put it as a bonus track on the Japanese version of our latest album."

25 Oct 2013 digital bandcamp track The Gathering: Areas


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